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September 13, 2007


The only sure things about war are death, destruction and profiteering. Smedley Butler wrote the short book summarizing war--WAR IS A RACKET.
Politicians banter and partake in gamesmanship while the pawns in their chess game are manipulated as though they were inanimate objects. The talking heads exchange ideas which bear no fruit and the death, destruction and profiteering march onward.

Our soldiers are fighting -- and dying -- for a Commander-in Chief whose only plan is to keep them fighting and dying until he can toss the remains of his ignoble war into the lap of his successor.

Then he will spend the rest of his parasitic life patting himself on the back for "staying the course."

The most amazingly jaw-dropping assumption embraced by the neo-cons is their blithe confidence the world will stand still while the US plays out its fantasies, and then all consequences disappear when we yell "Cut"!

Confidence game, that's what they call it.

Here are other predictions you can take to the bank: Whatever happens it will be used as justification for further escalation and however much America's reputation, infrastructure, and economy are wracked by this White House's investment in a lost and foolish cause, it will be those who argue against this course who will be vilified as losers and fools. All is grist to this mill.

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