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September 11, 2007


Excellent point, eloquently put. But the failure-of-nerve dishonor doesn't just go to Dems. It goes to MSM; and not just MSM, but the all-too-few bona fide "progressives" therein. I have a question which, on reflection, reveals a 'weapons-grade' dimension to it; and I've had this conviction "coroborated" in personal several-minute long phone conversations over years now, including with John Nichols, Jay Bookman, Paul Nyden, and, most recently 6 weeks ago, with Joe Copeland of the Seattle PI--who said indeed he'd likely do an "editorial" on the premise. He, like the others, mysteriously "dropped the ball".

Again, this after a cordial conversation--I'm nobody--there's no reason that I can see for these busy writers/editors to "humor" me--indeed I'm always surprised to gain their ear for as long as I have, instead of being told crisply, "interesting idea...good luck with it...bye bye..."

instead, there's a shared relishing of simply imagining the response, say, from Cheney especially, or Bush, but also, Bremer; Wolfowitz, Rice, Rove...etc...the "question" is a blunt "yes" or "no"--would you agree--for life--to "recu$e" yourself--to surrender on demand--any personal profit traceable to any war or bloodshed you were or are involved in taking us into? Yes or No. Surrender to whom? How about to Veteran's benefit groups; college funds for children of the fallen, etc. How 'bout we just let the blogosphere "monitor"...

Remember how nervous Bush was in the debate with Kerry over the (relatively trivial) timber investment in the Presidential Portfolia? what if the Recu$al question had instead been asked of both candidates, and its point pressed? Bush would have to (doubtless horrified) contemplate the tens of millions known to define the "Fortune$ of War Room" in the Bush Family Estate...imagine him urgently searching the 'corner' he'd be in for "wiggle room"...imagine the Move-on ad hitting the airwaves with the 'hesitation' in their one-by-one answers--the wheelchairs & canes of Iraq war vets rolling & tapping over a dirge, the caskets of Dover...then Bush, ala 9-11, smacking a golf ball, Cheney, blasting quail...enlage on that mug, freeze frame, fade to black...

if such a question favored the hard right, they'd have beaten the bejesus out of us with it by now. It favors us, the People's interests, and, having as it does, such a $lippery $lope, could even stop the planned attack on Iran. Yes. That's what a slippery slope IS--you lose footing if the answer wrong, and someone follows suit, and the wrongness of so much is suddenly piled on the table of bloodshed before us, and people look from them to the war they want, back and forth: and if the "look" of America STOPS at's Game Over.

Including the latest war they want. It doesn't have to go that far to be worth asking. But that it COULD go that far, and that it remains "unasked", remains our tacit disgrace as self-styled progressive "warriors"...

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