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October 31, 2007


With this congress, if you get caught and convicted you get a stern letter or rebuke.

If they aren't going to do anything other than "demand accountability" they ought to STFU and go home until we can elect other who will.

AMEN! Let me hear you shout out "AMEN" progressive brothers and sisters!

Because we currently have no other political option (a situation I advocate correcting once we repair the damage from this current fiasco), we need to let those we sent last fall to the Congress with a majority know that we expect them to do the job we entrusted to them. By doing so, we also let them know that they don't have a free ride on our dime, for we will do the same to them when - not if - it becomes necessary.

This two-party shamocracy must die if freedom and liberty are to survive in this nation. There must be at least one other party in power to act as the balance between these two corrupt RICO suspects known as the Democratic and Republican Parties, and I propose that party be the American People.

I only say this, despite recent history, because I'm seeing signs that "traditional" Republican supporters are beginning to see things as we progressives do. This is to be encouraged. But we cannot allow the debate to remain party based and manipulated by the special interests of both factions. The people must have their say.

I strongly am in favor of impeachment, but ......... when the majority of Congress is complicit in voting to abet all the crimes of Bush's Gang, upon what claim to higher principles could they now stand in judgement? If they can't even see fit to stop the funding for an illegal war/occupation, then impeachments for lying us into it is far beyond impossible for them to muster.


This Congress is, has been, always will be impotent. Why are we surprised? They've given Bush everything he's ever wanted. Now he's announced he's going to bypass Congress with Executive Orders, which he's been doing all along. This is where all this is heading. Read on:

"THE REVELATIONS OF GEORGE W. BUSH" is a copy of a document allegedly leaked from the Oval Office. It says there will be a bioterrorist attack right before the 2008 elections, and that President Bush will impose martial law. You've been hearing about it for months, but now you'll get the inside scoop on: additional surveillance (how can the government keep you safe when it doesn't know what the hell you're doing?) and much much more.

It's a peek into the future, which can happen sooner than we think. Actually any day now. Get ready 'cause here I come...

Today House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced from the bully pulpit:

"The President wants the same complacent, complicit Congress that was a co-conspirator in a cover-up of what was going on in this country." Wants???? The President has the same complacent etc.....

Ten months, and all the Dems have to show for it is a whole lot of hot air. They accomplished more investigation when they were the out party. Makes ya wonder.

Conyers in particular, was a freaking lion when he was out of power.

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