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October 29, 2007


So the Evang. are becoming Independents, not Democrats. Smart move. Hillary prob. scares the hell out of them, as well as most of this country. Her supporters are hallucinated with her being the first woman president. This is such bullshit. Aren't they listening? Are they blind? Don't they scratch beneath the surface? Don't they see how she's waffling on the war in Iraq. She's Bush in a skirt, but more of an operator, a real conniver. At least she knows the English language.The Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot again, as well they should. The Democratic party is on its last legs. Newcomers like Jim Webb haven't changed a damn thing.

Have you had a chance yet to read the book I sent you: "THE REVELATIONS OF GEORGE W. BUSH"?
It's hitting the pulse of this country right now. Impeachment, Congress, the Democrats, Hillary, etc.

The FIX is IN!!! It will be Billary vs Ghouliani, according to the corporate predators. The powers that be have determined that Rudy is their guy, but if all else fails Billary will be barely acceptable, which means business as usual for the Fascists. Billary will give you progressive lip service and that's about all you're gonna get. Apparently the evangelicals are no longer needed and will be discarded like a 5 dollar hooker.

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