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October 24, 2007


Bravo. Thank you for keeping this story alive and not letting MSM brush it under the rug. This man's sole goal in accepting the AG job will be to make sure GW will not be found guilty for the treason he has committed against Valerie Plame and the disrespect he has shown our Constitution.

Anyone who thinks the cowardly Democrats will "gut this administration" or lift a finger against Bush's assault on the country also believes in the Easter bunny.

The judiciary committee should vote immediately not to recommend that the gentleman not be comfirmed to be the Attorney General. From the 1st day one is born, the constitution gives everyone the protection of the constutition and that no one is above the law! This includes the President of the United States!

The president not only should be impeached and thrown out of office before he does more harm, but Pelosi should also step down as Speaker in the House for her remark that"Impeachment is off the table!

My previous e-mail had a typo with one too many "Nots"
My intent was to say "not be confirmed". Instead the two nots in the sentence makes it appear that , in reality, the Committee should vote to confirm!

The democratic party is now just an adjunt of the repub - I will not vote for this party again - I will instead vote for someone who returns this country to its former world position - we are hated by almost everyone now, and gee, I can't help but wonder why. Oh and before someone slams me with the fact I am not a "patriot" gee, and what defines a patriot in their view? its drinking the coolaid and following blindly - that is not what our "leaders" are supposed to do -

You see before you the value of warrantless wiretapping. Why else would the euphemistically titled "opposition party" roll over like a whipped dog before these usurpers of our country and Constitution?

BTW, you have all been declared casualties. Please proceed to the nearest Death Chambers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Anan 7

What could possibly turn a 73 year old politician into a cowering dog, begging for forgiveness and promising to go back to being "insignificant"? This good man was threatened with something deadly. Maybe a visit from the good folks at Blackwater???

The fix was in from the start as with all of Bush's nominees. The Democrats, led by Patrick Leahy and Chuck Schumer, gush to the press what a fine upstanding genius the nominee is and that he should be nominated without a problem. Then they ask some token questions, designed to make them look tough on TV. The nominee responds with evasions, lies, and outright hostility. He is confirmed by a wide margin. Remember the confirmations of Sam Alito, John Roberts, Robert Gates and Alberto Gonzales? Same story with each and this time will be no different.

"What could possibly turn a 73 year old politician into a cowering dog, begging for forgiveness and promising to go back to being "insignificant"?"

I'm not sure of the specifics, but I bet you the info got to the bu$histas via illegal NSA wiretaps. Its the same methods as J. Edgar Hoover, just with updated technology.

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