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October 27, 2007


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Seems that there is no news anymore that does not reinforce the zeitgeist that America's future is now well past the tipping point of being hopelessly out of our control ......... except for the brief elation we felt in Gore's Nobel Prize, followed by the realization that nothing that really matters would come of it.

Does anybody else notice that there is ZERO talk of withdrawing the troops lately? It seems that the Fascists have successfully scared the crap out of any opposition. Thought for the day: When will Blackwater start patrolling the streets in our hometowns?

I keep asking myself why it is that with all our talk and writings against this administration, nothing seems to change, which then begs the question why.

Nothing seems to change? Well, it's cause at this point Bush and his cohorts have more to fear from stopping the War On Iraq while our country is still intact, which will guarantee them and thousands of others a trip to prison, fines and obloquy, than they have to fear from going forward with their goddamm Gotterdamerung!

Blackwater is stretched a bit thin holding down the fort in Iraq, a country of 25 million (down to 22 million by now I'm figuring, what with all the dying and fleeing that's going on) I don't think it has quite the muscle to take on a country of 300 million. Especially one as well-armed as America. However, what happens when they're blacklisted from every country and out of a job. George Galloway, before the invasion of Afghanistan, warned that the invasion might create 10,000 bin Ladens but I thought then, as now, the bigger problem is the 10,000 Tim McVeighs,

* most foreign service officers do NOT serve in easy posts in europe or japan. the majority of our diplomatic mission are now classified as 'hardship', with differentials from 15%-25% and 'danger' pay up to an additional 25%. however, those limits are higher for iraq and afghanistan. [full disclosure: i am a retired fso who served in a couple of the most difficult posts during my 24 years with the department. one example: taking a malaria suppressent every day for more than 2 years when said drug was not permitted into the u.s. and medical advice was not to overdose as malaria was a better option.]
* one must remember that diplomats are not normally sent into active war zones. they have neither the training nor equipment nor mindset for combat. it is not what they do or what they are.
* anyone who thinks it's an easy life, needs to contact the american foreign service association (afsa.org) for more information and what life is really like in the modern foreign service.
* pmc usually gets the facts, but missed on this one. \\ free born

“those who would trade essential liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.” -- b. franklin, 1759

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