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October 30, 2007


While I agree with your premise and conclusion please refrain from using John Wayne's name as a symbol for war-mongering and fearbaiting.

Though a patriot and a Republican, though perhaps misguided in his political thought in his support of Nixon and opposition to the counterculture, John Wayne was a good man, an intelligent man of principle. If he were here today I have no doubt that he would oppose these criminals, if for no other reason than obvious criminality. If John Wayne had been crazy he would have led his band of college chums into the NFL, not the John Ford Company... If he had been elected President we would have had the good horse sense to rely on honorable men and women, and been able to tell the difference.

I love ya man, but watch whose reputation you trample on when looking for pithy closes... Oh, and Custer knew exactly what he was doing... putting all his Presidential marbles in one unfortunate basket.

RG Johnson
San Jose CA

They ran Dumbya on the platform that he was a "regular guy", someone you could share a beer with -- Joe Sixpack with a Yale degree (they have this cognitive dissonance thing down to a science, don't they?). This was just the start of the descent into "crazy". I like talking politics with the guys at the neighborhood pub just fine, but I wouldn't want a single one of them in the White House. The Right spent a couple of decades impugning the left as "elitists". Any rational person would want the very most elite (in the "best and brightest" definition of the word) to run the most powerful office on Earth. We've been conditioned for this "craziness" for quite some time now. As Forrest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does, sir!"

john wayne was a chickenhawk, so he's an appropriate republican hero.

Oh, how they yearn for simplicity. A rugged authoritarian, a Texas cowboy that fears doing the whole horseback thingy and is really an east coast wastrel of a in-way-over-his-head legacy baby, will do just fine if he talks the coded racist talk of good vs evil. That he truly may be certifiable is icing on the cake. Their John Wayne, their beloved never-served-in-war hero, the dementia-riddled Regan, was callously used to promote the whole we-need-a-daddy agenda back in the day! It's a fundamentalist twofer. A win-win for the simplistic regressives.

Although I agree with much of what P.M. Carpenter has to say - including using John Wayne as a model - I beg to differ concerning some of the conclusions about the base. I have a very good friend who is pretty much a wingnut (as a liberal, I'm inclined to accept other people with different view points as long as they are also good, kind caring people in their personal lives), and his main fear is that Europe will be overwhelmingly Muslim by 2015 or some such ridiculous date. He still believes we are "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here." He really, seriously lives in fear of terrorism and nefarious hidden schemes to destroy the American way of life because he gets his news from Fox and rightwing talk radio.

I do believe it's true that one element of the Republican base mindset is the need for a strong, right-or-wrong, with-us-or-against-us leader, but that's only part of the story. Buying into the fearmongering is another part; it really has not gone away.

Mooser... Go climb a rope...

Why would anyone write something this stupidly offensive...? And why would anyone let it be published...?


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