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October 17, 2007


your paypal link brought up paypal but not a way to contribute to your site.

This is exactly the reason
why so many learned and experienced people warned
our self anointed IMP, that invading Iraq would
"open the gates of hell". Then, this impish knucklehead proceeded to fire these learned people and surround himself with anus lickers and kneepad fillers. None of which even knows why the thirteen original colonies broke from good old England. To expect or have even hoped they might know of the disaster that became of Englands imperial endeavors in that same exact region is now just a fleeting thought. What makes things even scarier, is that this impostor "President" we have was a history major in college. Now billions of people will be made to suffer dearly for his ignorance and greed. Our salvation now depends upon the Democrats. BUT HOW? Pelosi has taken impeachment off the table, and I think I saw Reid sqirm when he heard the wind rustle a few leaves in a tree. 95% of the population of the entire world wants this administration gone and these two will not lift a finger. I'm fairly positive each one of them has received thousands upon thousands upon thousands of phone calls, emails and letters asking and demanding they impeach. Both have mentioned it somewhat on the Sunday propaganda shows. Their response is " You (85% of the American people) just don't understand". It's bad enough we were lied to, and our trust betrayed by a moron, now we are being called stupid by two cowards. Where are the shovels and pitchforks.

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