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November 21, 2007



I think both parties are history come the fall. Time is growing short, but I still believe that a Progressive Party will coalesce around the Will of the People and drive every single Pub and Dem out of office. There will be a clean sweep not seen since 1776.


This whole Utterly Incompetent mis-administration may be the "masters" of deception, or is it the fact that we are so easily deceived? And why? That is a question I do not have an answer to.


With all the scandals, politicizing the entire government including the judiciary and the military, outing a covert agent, voting irregularities, Iraq, Katrina, torture, extraordinary renditions -- the list goes on and on -- and yet Congress does nothing? It is mind boggling.

What happened to:

the rule of law?


the Constitution?


Or don't they matter anymore?


Alex, this is what I call the dumbing down of the American people...Our education is down the tubes and you know we're in trouble as a country when more people vote for the American Idol than in a presidential election. I still hear (not many these days) bush supporters call in and still say what a marvelous job he's doing and can't understand why so many are calling in to trash him and his administration....You have to wonder where these people get their information, if any?


I still think the millions of 'missing' White House emails, many from Rove, hold the answer. Get the emails, get the truth. Get the lying, criminal conspirators out of our White House. They are traitors, having exposed a covert CIA agent for their own political purposes. They should be on trial today, not continuing to wreck our country from the inside out.


Scotty's way-too-late confessional will do no more harm to W than any of the other 'truth tellers' who have left the fold but still retain the love for their dear demented leader. Maybe it's fear based, perhaps it's faith based, but Scotty will cash his check, smile, go door-to-door on our tv screens and manage to say nothing.

Ronald Withrow

Maybe we should ask Greg Palast what many of those emails contained. Some goof in the WH dumped over 500,000 of 'em to the WRONG email address (, a satire site) and made them accessible to anyone with the temerity to access them (Palast). It became the basis of his story on vote caging by Rove and other Repug operatives. Try reading the Guardian 'cause you won't find any American papers covering it!

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