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November 25, 2007



I just got done watching PBS special on "Selling the War". We are screwed. An editor said it was no longer their "job" to point out when the Republicans are lying-it is the Democrats "job". In that case we might as well start packing up our families and get the hell out. The lies will continue unabated and the general populace will suck them in like flies drawn to horse shit.


Another great one - sad but true. Thanks for writing this.


Man, Mr. p.m., what a worry-wart you are! Everything, everylittle mother-lovinthing, is under control.

The current and building economic downturn will re-fill the ranks of the Army, pronto! So don't worry!

Eric Swan

Tragically, I fear, it is even worse than you imagine. Every thing you wrote, I think is true, BUT. the Bushies ARE achieving their goal. First they attacked Iraq, then they destroyed it, and now they are chopping it up into 3 weak minny states, and next they will grab the OIL. Maybe 30 TRILLION dollares worth. Not bad for a paltry 2 trillion dollar or so investment.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

P.M. asks, "Why not?"

Well, for one thing it's immoral to abandon such a triflingly orphaned negative sentiment to the future.

While everyone has been busy wanting to shoot someone, or attacking Bush and the War based upon a socially ineffective relative Humanitarian morality, I've been busy exploring the great heights of un-relative morality and, the newly rocketing ascendence of Categorical Knowledge, which is just now piercing the dark and peeking its bright face over the horizon like a new day's sun, or even more so, like a nighttime Space Shuttle launch observed from a mere fifty feet off the lauch pad.

Categorical Knowledge will wholly displace empirical knowledge from the usurped throne of truth.

As empirical knowledge was once to superstition, so now it is clear Categorical Knowledge is to empirical knowledge.

Honestly, I've become so immersed in this new knowledge set, Categorical Knowledge, when I read the sort of socially harmonizing rant of this article, I get pretty lost in my unattended sympathy for all the suffering.

I like the primitive sentiment, but you're missing the point.

Cheer up! There's a solution.

What we all should be doing is, very slowly we should be by our failure to purchase turning the economy around into a negative growth economy that cannot support war, empirical frauds like "cell phones can't hurt you", and suffocating the planned impetus-notions being sold to us like environmentalism being a moral monk's science that will do more good than harm, unlike every other empirical science that has ravaged humanity at every turn of the pages of history.

That's right. Boycott the U.S. of A. Shut the place down. Connect all the ghost towns between the Walmarts.

It's easy. Just stop buying all that crap. Ya know, it's possible to make pretty damned good pizza at home, and it doesn't have any spit in it unless you put it in there yourself.

In any event, keep up the good work, but look for a way out, and don't simply surrender to your predictions.

Who knows? You may turn out to be right. It all sure sounds likely enough to me, if nothing is done about it anyway.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher


Don Robertson, The American Philosopher, you have the amazing ability to befog in 3000 words what could be clearly said in 3 words.

Have you considered working for the Bush administration? People with your talent are needed there.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher


Those who might count "3000" where there are but 300, likely see many aberrations, similarities and connections between the disparately jumbled cacophony of what they might surmise to and for themselves.

I'm not sure such an analysis is worth reading though ragardless of how briefly it may be expressed, unless perhaps it is not expressed at all?


Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

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