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November 26, 2007



Watching a documentary, 'The Curse of the Kennedys,' a quote was read, " a wise man will change his mind, a fool never."(paraphrasing) The stubborn, once I make up my mind, old west thinking, attitude of the horseless cowboy in the White House falls in one of the categories.

Kevin Schmidt, Ojai CA

Lessons? What lessons? Bush and dick Cheney don't do lessons.

Stop assuming the present administration has any long term strategy other than to continue stealing Iraqi oil resources and U.S. tax dollars, as well as turning the U.S. into a permanent fascist, imperialist, repressive state.

Once you come to terms with that horrible reality, everything fits into place.

martin weiss

Speaking confidentially, as I'm sure George Bush would prefer, I'd like to thank the terrorists for helping him to bring in the Marines and deliver billions of dollars to his friends. George can't say these things in public, but I'm sure he would agree that the terrorists have been a major help in selling more guns and explosives. George knows he couldn't do any better than the terrorists have done to give him the excuse to use death as a diplomatic tool. Of course, the terrorists probably don't realize they're doing exactly what Bush wants and playing, like stooges, right into his hands. Let's hope the terrorists don't abandon killing civilians and bring Bush to trial in the Hague, like Milosevic. That would be a PR disaster. It's quite unlikely the terrorists will get smart and give up Bush's methods to pursue fair trials and justice undistorted by money and violence. That would be a bad day for oil companies.

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