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November 17, 2007


Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

It really doesn't matter what Obama says. His voting history in the Senate speaks louder than his empty rhetoric, and it says he is a man of THE man, not a man of the people.

But the same could be said of Hillary and of Edwards, the other two supposed leaders of the Democratic presidential race.

The only candidate that speaks and votes for the benefit of the majority of Americans is Dennis Kucinich who recently easily won one third of the 150,000 votes in a straw vote at Al Gore came in second and Hillary came in a distant fifth, so what does that tell you about the MSM proclaimed leaders in the race?

But to be fair to Obama, Kucinich did not get a chance to put his foot in his mouth since he was only allowed six minutes to speak during the debate.

At least he made reference to the fact that only he voted correctly against the unconstitutonal U.S. Patriot Act, against the illegal war resolution, and against any funding for that illegal war. Plus, he also mentioned the fact that he is the only presidential candidate who is actively seeking impeachment.

I guess you can say a lot in six minutes when you actually have a record you can be proud of.

Nancy Kalapari

If anything, I started to like Obama more after that debate, particularly after that answer. It showed that Obama can think grey, and he is not afraid of gray like his counterparts. Let me explain, when people are too lazy to think analytically, they prefer black and white answers, but when people think intellectually, they come to realize that the majority of important issues are too complex to be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." We should demand more than "yes" or "no!" Thus, with all due respecet to the writer above, you are absolutely wrong! It is not "bye bye Obama," if anything, it is "hello Obama...we need your intelligence more than ever today!"


Obama is promising us things that he doesn’t Have or and can’t Control.
He sounds so ridiculous that I’m thinking. Is this an Election or a COMEDY or CACOPHONY?
Maybe he thinks that Americans are Illiterate, Ignorant or Mentally Insane.




i have thought from the begining obama was bad news. im just happy everyone else has finally seen it. lucky for us his colors shined now .lets get him out of office and into prison where he needs to be. we have had more grief than we should of. and its time for us to pay it forward.bye bye obama i agree obama has to go.


well i knew oboma was bad news
when i heard him speak, he is
one of the biggest con artest i have heard, and i have heard many. but i figgured it was just politics because they all tell their little white lies. but then i read his plan !! now im convinced he is a terrorist planning to destroy this country,
that i take a little, no alot, personal. like joe the plumber, i am a nobody, and ive had my share of problems, but i love my country. and the thought of a terrorist, like obama to take over and tear it down with that joke of a plan he has is sickning. i am not against a black president, or a woman president, or any gender or color president for that matter, i am how ever against a terrorist president, and if you are voting for this jerk, you have not read his plan, or looked at his history. he is not for the american people, i believe we can make history without destroying our future with a terrorist president. please look at the whole picture, so our families can have a safe future and that means without a terrorist president. dont vote for making history, vote for what works for americans, and who can do the best job for safety and getting us out of this mess we are in, no matter what color or gender a person may be.
so bye bye obama

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