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November 19, 2007


Helen Rainier

PM, this makes perfect sense in Bushian Logic. If we arm ALL of them they will spend all their time killing each other so that when the Bushies decide to invade we'll really win when Bush stands on the aircraft carrier and says "Mission Accomplished."

I'm surprised you didn't connect the dots on this! ;-)


Between Putin's mesmerizing eyes and the dictator who used his military to overthrow Pakistan's elected government, Pervez the visionary, Bush's man-crushes have been quite lacking in good taste. Seems that our own codpiece wearing Connecticut faux cowboy, our own dearly demented delusional dictator wannabe, has as much wisdom choosing his pals as he does in what it takes to protect and defend America. Whatta guy! Too bad, for ALL of us, his vision thingy ain't up to the job.


oh, his vision thingy works alright.. just don't share his twisted morals...i am comfortably confident that whatever bush likes,values or believes- i do not...

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