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November 20, 2007


Jon Jost

"U.S. military commanders say that insurgents across the country are increasingly motivated more by money than ideology and that a growing number of insurgent cells, struggling to pay recruits, are turning to gangster-style racketeering operations."

Yes, and just what are a lot of the US military doing in Iraq, what with $20,000 and $30,000 inducements to join up, re-up, etc. For the money and not pure patriotism. Tsk tsk. And what is the US doing there at all, certainly nothing about black gold or anything....


The relative peace is welcome, but the troops should be home. That's what should be happening. Also, i don't trust any info out of the military. The picture seems to be one less of actual peace than of the US paying off the poeple who were attacking it, and turning a blind eye to the violence they are perpetrating in their areas of influence.

Thank God our soldiers are dying in lesser numbers. Now lets get them home.

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