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November 06, 2007


Hate is perhaps a bit too much ......... despise is more apt. The Righties' Achilles Heel has always been being dispespected, so mock them rather than descend into their mindset. Hopefully it soon will be Springtime for Bushies, and we can then celebrate today's Hogan's Heroes.


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Clarence swinney +

Democrats create wealth—(do not brag)
84 democratic accomplishments—(quiet—do not awaken Democrats)
praise Clinton (Gore gored Gore by not using this)
salute Clinton
113 good things on Clinton
good comments on Clinton by world leaders
Clinton 30 character
Reagan scandals (eulogize this Noonan)
How to identify a republican
Reagan firsts (Mt Rushmore)
Carter versus Reagan
Bush lies
Bush waffles( read these facts and say he is sane)
Bush econovomits (only man to brag on failures)
Zoom economy
Swoosh (want armageddon here you have it)
Tax & spend liberal (how dumb can D be?)
King Richard
Clinton record on terrorism awesome
Swinney fact check

North Carolina Hootenannys to commence in 2008.
Party-Celebration-foot stomping-yelling—a Big Time
Good things about Democrats and bad things about Republicans
Easy—Facts/History support Democrats.

Enjoy. Feel free to publish.

Clarence swinney
President-lifeaholics of America
Burlington nc
[email protected]

new book—LIFEAHOLICS—to be published 1-15-08
Book signing and presentation in North Carolina only.

John Hagee is promoting Armageddon

He may get it.

Iran=Russia pal

200 ICBM
7 stories underground
Each can carry 10 Nukes
Pentagon admits they cannot stop russian ICBM once in flight.

Each ICBM wil destory everything in a 200 mile radius.

Now this is Fear.

Republicans are all immoral, thieves, murderers, anti-American lying fascist and heathen cultists who would love to put half the country into Death Camps.

They are going to lie and stampede enough cowardly hypocritical Southerners and mid-western welfare queens with a war in Iran and a bigger pile of free worthless money in farm bills and useless military bases to steal government again.

Cynical calculating Dems like Pelosi and Clinton are in league with Satan's spawn Lord Cheney and H.I.M Bush.

You are so right!
I HATE those goddamn republicans!

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