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November 24, 2007



And yet the folks, in the face of a tanking economy, turned out religiously for the annual holiday spending spree. What was THAT about?
Was it a case of spend it while it's still there to spend? Or was it a case of bizarre faux optimism, harking back to W's exhortations to 'shop, shop, shop' for Uncle Sam (Walton) after 911?

Helen Rainier

Eppppie -- I was NOT one of those out "shopping" on Black Friday. In fact, I have NEVER done the shop til you drop thing on the day after Thanksgiving. I've watched footage year after year of this phenom and still don't get it.

PM -- interesting commentary. Isn't it bizarre to see just how pathetic and vulgar this "administration" is. It's tragic in a "black comedy" type of way. If there weren't so many serious issues involved it would be funny. Sadly, we will be paying for the obscene excesses of the Bushcons for generations to come -- not only financially but morally. I hope the lives of Cheney and Bush careen down a sewer when they leave office -- much like Reagan's did. The last few years of his life were spent in a fog due to his Alzheimer's.

Was that karma for his underhanded and evil doings? I like to think so -- may the same happen to Dubya and Darth. It would be poetic justice.

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