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November 22, 2007


Brian Fejer

I am with the non violent resistance in all of its forms, but I actually think that seeing the US Military Government Media "brought to justice" for war crimes against humanity might be a good lesson for future generations. To hell with them.


PM Happy Thanksgiving to you! It is indeed Orwellian times we find ourselves in. Apparently the fourth estate is lost to the Fascists now as well. I can no longer support gun control efforts, in fact I would suggest we all stock up in anticipation of Blackwater storm troopers. We are entering deep troubles.


Since impeachment is off the table what difference does it make to the rule of law in this country, what that buffoon in the white house does..

It is ironic, that Pelosi has done more than Bush in undermining the constitution of the U.S.


The Blogosphere had better take heed because tne NYT for all its flaws knows when a story is not ripe for publication.

I'm afraid Carpenter and others will be caught flat-footed if this turns out to be nothing much as I suspect will be the case.

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