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November 18, 2007



This is like sacrificing a virgin then taking credit for the sun coming up. Violence in Iraq is down = neighborhoods have been ethnically cleansed. Now let's wait for those 2 million internally displaced Iraqis to try to go home.

Al Qaeda is gone = they were never really there in any great numbers.

The question is, are the Shia and Sunnis done killing each other? Probably not. The stage is set for the next level in the game: national power and, everybody's favorite juice, oil.


I am so sick of one failure after another in Iraq and then the spin that says everything is going great, except for the things that aren't going great.

We have spent thousands of LIVES and are spending TRILLIONS in treasure, and Iraq is pulling this country down a rathole.

Why is there such a lack of clear vision and common sense? Is it the water in Washington, DC or what? This failed war is far worse than Vietnam and I fear that the repercussions from it will be felt down through at least a couple of generations. Or more.

I know children not yet born will be paying for it.


Gee, I am sorry to hear it isn't manly to enjoy foreplay...oh, you meant lying to (or playing with?) themselves, well, that's different!

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