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November 27, 2007


Dana Hatch

I don't buy it. Rudy's a stooge. It's not him, it's that the ownership of the big media corporations have anointed him the Republican they want in office and are adopting a "hands-off" approach to him just as they did with Bush, the first convicted criminal to take over the White House.

john polifronio

We've been hearing two contradictory things. 1) Hillary is media's annointed and favorite candidate. 2) Giuliani is media's annointed and favorite candidate. You can't have it both ways. But knowing media, you won't have to have it both ways; it'll be one way, namely Giuliani is far and away, media's candidate. Media being among the most treacherous corporate giants in this society, are always looking not for someone that they can support, but someone that will support "them."


In addition to Rudy getting the "Aw that's just Rudy" position coz we know all his stuff up front(still more we don't know)he's a suit first. Exchanging a Bullheaded
Bush for a "Aw you gotta luv him" is not any kind of a leap. He's better than Bush at what and when it hits the fan. He's a man who's not afraid of the fan, that doesn't make him good for the whole country. I'm not impressed with the reasons he gets endorsed either. Because he more electable?
He's TV schooled,Press conferences won't scare him in the least no matter how bad the news. Bad news for the American people, don't worry Rudy gives great press. Again, a great Rudy does not mean a great President. And how will the public find that out a bit too late? Like his second wife found out she was divoriced, from the media.

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