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November 23, 2007



This is exactly what the Republicans, like Novak, wanted. Doesn't anyone question the media anymore or realize they are always poised to keep a Republican in office?


Take it a step further. The media - and the Republicans - would like nothing better than to keep us alternately thrilled and dismayed by the ongoing Hillary - Obama kabuki, just so long as we are kept constantly distracted from relatively genuine candidates, such as Edwards and Kucinich and Dodd.

I keep hoping, no doubt very naively, that the Democratic grassroots will step up in Iowa and send both Hillary and Obama crashing to political oblivion.

L. Fleming

You leave out one possibility: maybe Obama is more than a political computer calculating how best to position himself. Maybe he was truly angry at Novak's disgusting use of unfounded rumors.

Or maybe Obama didn't want to end up like John Kerry, who didn't do so well by not "dignifiying" the Swift Boat lies with a response. Lots of voters seem to have thought that since Kerry wouldn't defend himself, maybe the Swifties accusations were true.

If Obama is defending himself, then that makes him more electable in my view. I'm tired of Democrats who, when attacked by Republican hitmen, just curl up in the fetal position and whine "please stop hitting me."

Wil Burns

Each time we hear a talk radio Nazi say "She can't win," it means they're afraid of her.
Talk radio whores are saying great things about Obama, which should make you wonder.
Why would a facsist bastard say nice things about Obama?

I have nothing bad to say about Obama.
If Obama wins - whoever wins the Democratic nomination, I'm behind him/her all the way.

But seriously, between the Black guy with two years experience
and the only team to win back-to-back presidential campaigns since FDR,
(the team that beat war hero Bush and war hero Dole),

...who do you think the super-racist GOP wants to run against?

(Some call that "Hillary worship."
Looks like common sense to me.)


I second L. Fleming's approval of Obama's refusing to ignore a fake scandal. It's a pity that he has to confront such petty tactics, but the alternative is being swift-boated.

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