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December 23, 2007



On this eve of Christmas eve I just have to inject a little optimism in your rather dour forecast. It is absolutely amazing that after all the money, and media control, and baseless rumors, and patriotic vitriol, and evangelical bullshit, that the Repugs can only muster 50% of the vote and even that is questionable. This is amazing, as you would think the Fascists would win much bigger than that. It shows that the American people are not mostly ignorant and I believe the coming economic troubles will be a chance for them to rediscover who their real enemies have been. Thank God for the Internet and the ability it has provided to hear the Truth.



Enron: West Coast> (bring'im into the fold)

World Trade Center> (bring'im into the fold)

Bush Inc./Carlyle Group: Oil

Hows come in the midst of all this BS, no one follows the oil cartels in the Middle East?

Na, nevermind...

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