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December 26, 2007



I agree, we should call a spade a spade, so here goes. I am sick and tired of these ChristoFascists who conveniently forget a good 60% of what Jesus actually stood for. If it fits their agenda, then religion is used as a bludgeon by the social conservatives. But what of economic justice that the Bible constantly rails about? Forgotten and ignored by the Darwinists of the social and economic order while attacking gays and lesbians. The writer is correct, beware if Gomer is actually elected. Welcome to Jesustan!


Be of good cheer, as is it not a joyous thing that religiosity now stands in the political spot light? Let us be made to look upon it often, lest this important actor once again slip off the stage to deliver its lines from the curtains. Praise the Lord, Who indeed works in mysterious ways, for the wonderous performances of Mike and all his ilk in this role!

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