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December 28, 2007


ruth gottlieb

cable news is cable news incessant
chattering that exists primarily to keep people in a state of ignorant
bliss. your take on the events in Pakistan pointedly show bush's finger in that chaos and and yet how
the mighty MSM run from that idea just like they run from the murky
details of 9/11 all roads lead to rome


the hell w/ 'the emperor has no clothes'..he is drenched in blood and dazzlingly clueless...or are these crazy bastards truly seeking to forment the 'end times' ?.....GREAT article-thank you p.m.


The events of the last few days show that Al Qaeda is in control. They know how to manipulate events through strategic, well planned and thought out attacks to work events their way and to their advantage. They have duped us into thinking that Iraq is where al Qaeda can be defeated, while they gain control of Pakistan. They may well be working their way to gaining control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal through their masterful planning on limited financial resources. While the US spends billions of dollars daily to no avail in trying to defeat al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda is winning the battle of defeating a superior force using tactics that cost a few hundred dollars. The enemy is defeating us by out smarting us. We may have smart bombs, but they have smart people. America, wake up. Start electing politicians who are smart and play smart, rather than ones who surround themselves with sycophants who play to their egos. We need smart, well educated people in charge and not people who make good drinking buddies!


I think the deplorable quality of the Republican candidates, and their constant competition to make themselves, by word, gesture and association, even more deplorable, indicates that the Repubs have had their fun, got theirs while the getting was good, and is getting out while the going is good and they do not have to pass "go and go directly to jail.
"Here" can't you hear them saying," we're done with it, and if you Dems don't want it, we'll take it down to the GoodWill"

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