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In Sausalito overlooking S.F. Bay with my uncle, Lucky Strike nonfilters and a case of Bud. Those splendid days are long gone.


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December 18, 2007


Dana Hatch

Northern Iraq has been too quiet throughout this whole war. Time to send in warplanes to bomb civilian neighborhoods which may have thought of harboring terrorists. At last, a unified Iraq - unified in their hatred of the United States.


For some reason, the mob cartel that is the Bush administration does not want a partitioned Iraq. This gives them a reason to say it will never work.


If the people(sic) who have the power to nuke the world are stupid,
half-witted etc-- what does that make us?
Its malevolent will (for centuries called evil) They've f___ed with the Future (depleted and enriched uranium never go away) And with habeas corpus suspened,have changed presumed innocence into presumed guilt-- Miranda is implicity suspended- No longer do we have the right to remain silent. Enter Torture/ Detention alone meets the burden of proof- for indeterminate sentences. ouch!

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