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December 20, 2007



Elephant turds are indeed a common affair with this administration. One would think this a rather large and odious one... but everyone's so used to large and odious elephant rurds that it does take effort to notice.

What do you think would happen if the headline read: "Bush Declares Himself Eternal Ruler of the World (insert madman laughter here)".

Yawn. Please pass the butter and don't feed the dog from the table.


If we look back at Watergate, it seems that the taking down of Agnew was the breech of the dam, so to speak, and from there on it was easier to get at the rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel. I think that is why Kucinich is brilliant in introducing impeachment proceedings against the Dickhead first. Unfortunately, it looks as if the leadership and enough Blue Dogs are bought off to avoid holding their fellow criminals to account. We are screwed, because I don't see Cheney and the Neocons giving up power by merely being voted out.

Ron Legro

Well, it is ho-hum out there, making me wonder if we'll ever see the official Democratic equivalent to Sen. Dole's "Where's the outrage?" cry from elections past. Even conscience-possessing operatives like Rep. Kucinich who favor impeachment aren't whining about it. Their calm and measured manner was, in another era, a sign of the Democratic Party's class, yet now has devolved into a sign of its impotence. Getting crazy angry has its risks, but it's about the only tactic Democrats haven't tried. Of course, if it's merely a tactic and not heartfelt, the act probably would fail anyway.

I think the almost universally soft approach to this latest Bush-Cheney imbroglio is both the result of weary resignation and premature cynicism: Regarding the former, the attitude is that we simply can't keep up with the amount of crap these guys are slinging at us, so we're going to walk away from it and await their departure. Regarding the latter, we're saddled with the increasingly cynical notion -- not even just among party regulars but within the press corps and the voting populace in general -- that the heavy-lift attempts at real investigations and a real impeachment process just ain't worth it at this late stage of the Staged Administration. People have had a bellyful of these dudes, and would rather not think about them any more than necessary.

To the extent that's true, it's precisely the problem, because turning our backs at the eleventh hour is just the impetus the Bushies need to do their worst and most lasting damage. It remains necessary to think about them -- a lot.

The Weary Cynic Factor is a sign that the citizenry at some basic, instinctive level is altogether too comfortable with clever, incompetent scoundrels; you know, the kind (both fictional and not) we've been massaged into loving by the mass media. Admit it: Many among us are fascinated with human stains like Bush. He's pure tabloid material gone mainstream. We keep on tuning in, waiting to see what misbegotten aventure or verbal faux pas he's going to embark upon next. It's political leadership as celebrity as entertainment vehicle. Sure it's cost us a couple of trillion. But it's delicious, and you couldn't make up some of this stuff! An attitude still all too easy to cop, at least if you're not a resident of, for example, New Orleans, Somalia or Iraq.

In short: Yes, the Gang That Can't Shoot Straight surely consists of bad boys, but they're OUR bad boys. Well, present company excluded, but that buy-in continues for a still-huge and immovable plurality of the American vote who might nevertheless go independent or Democratic in the next election, given the right 12-step program. Middle-class schadenfreude explains the balance of it. It's bad for me, now, but just wait until it gets really bad for everyone. Ralph Nader's crowd, in essence.

America remains enthralled by sensation. The populace has unwittingly turned itself from healthy skeptics into paralyzed cynics and now increasingly masochists who are willfully helpless before their increasingly sadistic government.

In some lonely bedroom or boardroom, a Harvard-educated business exec whose firm is facing a financial meltdown, who simply would have jumped out the window in October '29, is instead mentally chanting towards the Beltway:

"Rendition me! Rendition me now!"

The torture -- distant and self-administered -- must end before America can ever right itself.

Jim Bush

What Ron said! Right dead on!


I second Jim Bush. Ron did it better than the pros.

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