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December 19, 2007



Huckabee is gaining because the Deep South believes it is entitled to rule and force their religion down the rest of our throats (they're called "Dominionists" people.

After eight years, do any of us think we need another stupid peckerwood in office?

Dana Hatch

I'm tickled at Huckabee's rise. He seems to me a Gerald Ford-like stooge who has less of a chance of winning than raving fear-mongers like Ghouliani or Romnut. I think the ultra-conservatives are most concerned that he's not of their class.

Zorba the Greek

"They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." What the heck did the "traditional" Volvo Republicans and the Neocons expect? They've been pandering to and using the fundamentalists/evangelicals for years, and now they're whining because one of "those" is doing so well? What a bunch of hypocritical idiots.


i share fears of huck's religous convictions, but it must be noted, when put to it, he may be less objectionable than his other party gouls. if you've followed him, the guy is no panderer. in the last repub debate when they were asked the bible literacy question, one which you'd think he'd be the most vulnerable on, he actually had the most reasonable answer, compared to mitt who didn't seemed to know where to go and who was clearly unwilling to say what he really thought. people like tom delay, frist, romney, etc.. are cynical hypocrites. they are our biggest problem.

that being said, i do worry about his choice of judges, lack of understanding of people who are not fundies, and general christiness...


This is the Fundamentalist Right Wing's "Huck-a-loo". May they enjoy their forced holiday on the Island of St. Helena....

chris Kanada

a sad commentary that all this fuss is about a person's belief in a mythology. Amerikans better wake up soon or you will elect another Christofascist.

May your God bless you


Ron Paul believes in the Christian "Just War" doctrine. Huckabee and his supporters consider Ron Paul a threat precisely because Ron Paul is a Christian and disagrees with their war policy based on his Christian beliefs.
Huckabee would support Giuliani or Hillary over Ron Paul because those candidates could never seriously claim to base their policies on Christianity. Thus, Hillary and Giuliani, evil as they may be, represent no reproach to fundamentalists.

John Dudley

I object to the claim that the opposition to Huckabee is coming from "Those Brie-eating, Latte-sipping, Volvo-driving Republicans."

The opposition is in fact coming from the Neocon branch of the Republican Party, the same people got up into the Iraq war. These people aren't in any sense of the world traditional Republicans. They are instead a group whose ultimate loyaty is towards Israel. Apparently whatever Huckabee is saying threatens this loyalty.


I hope he does get the nod, and they will push him into picking a moderate VP when push comes to shove. And it will show.. and they will lose.

steven mosher

I hope he does get the nod, and they will push him into picking a moderate VP when push comes to shove. And it will show.. and they will lose.


Is the canine in Huck's homily the same one his porcine prodigy tortured and killed (allegedly)?


I am so enjoying the uppercrusters that have used their brain-damaged fundamentalist fellow repubs to score votes and promote their neo-con fantasies. That they now are all agog with Huckster's surge, that perhaps he'll be the one to be their new face for change, makes them squirm and me smile. I hope he's crowned. We need this discussion so our fellow uninvolved but evolved citizens finally wake up to the insincerity, hypocrisy and delusional fanaticism that has been the prime motivating force for repubs since Nixon saw their usefulness and St. Reagan exploited their religious naivety and racial bigotry. May they go down in flames!


The Republicans have no one but themselves to blame in this fiasco. Some of their "big box" financial supporters were directed to throw money to the cash strapped and brain dead Huckabee campaign in an attempt to pull the "Christian" vote away from Ron Paul, removing any threat to their chosen candidate(s) or so they thought.

The Lame Stream Media was given the go-ahead to provide the name recognition to resuscitate Huck's dead-in-the-water campaign.

It is edifying in the extreme that their ploy has come back to bite them on the a$$.

If Huckabee winds up with the GOP nomination, better start getting used to the term "Madam President.'


Why do the Republicans fear him? Two words: Covenant Marriage.

ken arcieri

Thats why we have Ron Paul you know what you get with him. GO RON PAUL


The Lame Scream Media! An appellation no doubt earned during the coverage of Howard Dean's primary travails.

Steven Mosher


I cannot believe this headling.. I almost thought it was about elitist democrats from the 80's an 90's.. Do you remember we were the cultural elite, driving our volvos and sipping our lattes, thinking we know how to run better lives than those who were not like us liberals? And now the Republicans are the latte sipping, volvo driving sect?

How's that for irony? They, are now us.. in image only.


Ahem, Mr. Huckabee (with all due respect) exemlifies the comment of one of the founding fathers when it was stated: "When facism arrives in this country, it will be wrapped in a flag, and carrying a cross". Do people understand what a "fair tax" is? Huckabee is going to DEVASTATE AMERICA if he gets in office - he's an obvious puppet for the CFR. Fair Tax? Yeah, right how many people know that MORTGAGE translates as follows: MORT = DEATH GAGE= GRIP. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

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