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December 27, 2007


Rampaging Manatee

And their thirst for our tax dollars will never be quenched. It's up to us to say no more!

The rEVO_|ution is now.


And I only wish that the ballots of my Baby Boomer cohorts, had a box to check labeled: "I support funding the continued unexplained occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, in lieu of ever hoping to collecting a dime of my S.S. retirement fund."

Or, box two, which says: "Reinstate the tax code of 2000 and make it retroactive to 2001, balance the budget again, close all foreign US military bases world-wide, and return home all the troops illegally occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Raise S.S. payments for the Baby Boomers, who have paid in the most of any instituting Windfall Profit taxes on Big Oil and Defense Related industries growing fat on destruction and mayhem, beginning with Haliburton and Blackwater."

Jail all the "Sub-prime" gangsters, starting with Greenspan. No "Bail Out" of these failing banks and investment houses, rather "Jail In." Confiscate profits made through issuing mortgages to those not qualified. Making sure crime doesn't pay, what a novel idea.

Dismantle the Fed. Have the Treasury issue Gold Certificates and Silver Certificates, again. (Hint: Look just like dollars, only say "dollars" instead of "Reserve Note"). Redeemable in a set amount of gold or silver.

Dismantle the $38 Billion dollar boondoggle called Department of Homeland Security.

Investigate what caused WTC 7 to collapse "just like" a Controlled Demolition.

Round up all the Neocon war mongers and profiteers, and their msm propaganda spewing allies, those complicit in causing America shame through use of torture, and escort them to The Hague.

And lastly, I want someone to explain to me how the F%$# my carrying a tube of toothpaste and anti-perspirant on board an airplane is a damn threat, ok? Or why it seems we've hired the DUMBEST yet rudest airport security imaginable.

That would be a start.


Wow, Manatee, you rock!

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