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December 17, 2007



As usual, the republicans are left with great choices...a political whore that will say anything about everything to anyone, just what they want to hear, a true panderer, greasy used car salesman type, one Mitt Romney; or a sleazey, crook from NYC that has absolutely nothing to offer except 9-11, Guiliani. Then they have the huckster, Huckabee, who thinks the world is flat, that people rode dinosaurs bareback through the garden of eden, and wants to make sure everyone in this country is saved! Need I go on? The rest of the list is just as bad. Tancredo who would just as soon spend American tax dollars to deport 20 million undocumented workers (maybe it would be cheaper just to line them up against a wall and spray em down with an AK47).Poor old McCain, who at least has been endorsed by fellow republican Joe Lieberman. What a crock, this line up is really the best they can do?


Shit, the Rethugs are just leaving the corpse to the Democrats to pick over.

Dana Hatch

Everything Romney is saying now is the opposite of all he said to be elected in Massachusetts. There he consciously patterned himself after former Governor William Weld, a socially liberal and fiscally conservative Republican who was capable and much loved by citizens of Mass. His national career went nowhere because his party got hijacked by religious nuts and fascists.

David Pike

Instead of "Rethugs" consider "Repugnants" as counterpoint to the wingers "Democrat Party"?

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