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January 30, 2008



Obama as logical choice???? Only in the sense that he's the only viable choice left standing!

As weak a candidate as Hillary is, Obama isn't much stronger, and in an America still firmly welded to the idea that the national leader is (and shall forever be!) a white male, neither stands a good chance of winning -unless Ron Paul splits with the GOP and runs as an independent. He would be thus become this Clinton's Perot card. Obama would also benefit from such a move, but not by as large a measure.

Without an independent Ron Paul, inherent American racism and sexism will throw the election to McCain.


Hillary will solidify the Republican base - we knew this years ago, and still do. But, Barack will bring in millions of Gen-X and -Y voters who haven't shown up before. The primaries prove this. While Hillary would be a much better (safer) president than McCain (who wouldn't?), I fear she would never get a chance to hold the office because too many independants will swing to him over her, and the Gen-X & -Y voters wouldn't be persuaded to abandon their X-Box games for an hour to vote. I considered McCain until I read a little more about 'Mad-Mc' - wew, changed my mind.

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