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January 13, 2008



It would appear that the only effective way to drive religiosity from our public square is by mockery? That is a major reason why religion separated itself from state in the first place, and one supposes this lesson must be relearned the hard way now.


We should consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate that the "religious candidate" is such a complete doofus that his odd outburts are to be laughed at rather than taken seriously. Unfortunately, if a real religious zealot with some charisma and polish would emerge, we are toast. The average American is so dumbed down that they will believe almost anything if it makes them feel superior to others that they consider lower than themselves. The politics of shifting blame to the "others" works and it seems to really work now.


So they're like the Highlander when it comes to religion, they pretend & say pretty words but in the end, there can be only 1 (god, theirs),; I wonder which 1 will win: Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Lutheran, Zionist, Muslim, Bhuddist?


It's so easy to pretend that those who denigrate people of faith don't hold unprovable, culture-conditioned positions themselves.

There are good people of faith everywhere who don't seek to force others into their mold; they seek to understand the world in a certain way because their faith informs them the world should be a certain way. i'm a lutheran willing to accept Catholics, Baptists, Hindus, Jews, secular humanists, and any others dedicated to serving the world by actually caring about something beside themselves.
If I and millions of other faithful (of all faiths) do good not because we will be rewarded, but because we believe it the right thing to do, is it wrong "because it's religion?"



Yes, it is wrong. Keep your faith-based ideas out of politics.

America has had enough of that crap.

Pat W

Individual citizens cannot keep their faith-based values out of their political choices. Nor can they avoid joining together to make changes they see as appropriate, such as ending slavery, establishing child labor laws, giving all adult citizens the right to vote (which we do not have yet), etc. Our Constitution was designed to agree to disagree with majority rule and most critically, to be a majority of one on all issues affecting oneself and not harming society. That's trickier and why we have arguments about public smoking and abortion to name two. The point is that everybody needs to play by the rules and change the rules fairly, not by bullying, vote fraud, etc.


Yes, their faith-based values can aid them in arresting certain types of scientists, their faith can help them deny services to certain types of people & they can call those "family values" it isn't true though; they're simply prejudiced against the reality-based types.


"demand that politicians address these fundamental issues [of the religio-political] in a serious, coherent and empirically grounded way..."

I concur uncategorically, or maybe I categorically concur, I'm not sure. But it's a good idea, and I am prepared to submit a list of some of the things we must address in a "serious, coherent and empirically grounded way"

1) Is there one God, many Gods, or no God. This must be objectively determined immediatly. (I suggest we send a registered, notarised letter to Heaven and get the official answers.)

2) To what extent is God prepared to involve Himself in our politics, and to what end? (We need to allow several weeks for an answer to be formulated, you know, a lotta involvement from the legal department always takes up time)

3) What does God want in return? (cause I am outta luck if we gotta sacrifice the firstborn. I don't got kids)

4) Is God a Democrat, Republican or Independent? (He does have an "Un-affiliated at this time" option open to him.)

5) It would be very nice to get a more precise timeline for the Apocalypse. (A lot is riding on it, not to mention the effect it will have on Middle East politics!)

Well, those are just five to start with, but remember, as the Bible says: "I am a busy God, a multi-tasking God, so don't waste my time too much,you schmendrick, m'okay?"


And I'm warning you, if God desn't answer, or at least send Jesus with plenipotentiery powers, I am so gonna vote Democrat, and so will all my Facebook friends!


The human species believes in something higher than ourselves -- something transcendent. We call it God, but what it is is beyond description. When you try to nail down the definition and attributes, you are committing the sin of "idolatry".

Even the "Founding Fathers" recognised this. They were "deists" -- not as the Huckster would have it, fundamentalist Christians.

This capacity for believing in something higher and greater seems to be hard-wired into the species. Hell, even science is a form of belief, of faith in the scientific method.

Like Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?" (I believe the Constitution was designed to allow this...)

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