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January 19, 2008



f*ck huck

Texas Teetotaler

Well, now we know, despite Bush, that the American people aren't so stupid after all. Now if only we could chase Murdoch out of the country and everything might, eventually, be fine.


A slightly different perspective... Huckabee convinces fundamentalists that their not fanatics. He seems so "normal," plays the bass, makes slightly off-color jokes. Yet he's able to deny modern biology, believe the Rapture is coming soon and that God's law should rule. He's a bridge across the cognitive dissonance between modern life and recondite beliefs.


Is it just me or are we overflowing with human sewage disguised as presidential timber this year? Gomer Huckabee is probably the best example of the electoral folly played before our very eyes. He is probably going to flame out, but how many millions of Americans believe this idiot? What does that say about our country? The fact that he can garner so mu8ch support when Dennis and John Edwards struggle boggles the mind.


The only truly tolerant response to any religion intruding the public square is: HOW MUCH OF THIS ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE?


I think you can depend on 20 to 30% of the electorate to be open to Huck's message. Many of us used to think that the fundies were a mere lunatic fringe, easily dismissed. However, Bush's parlor games have shown that they must be taken into account and effectively countered. It doesn't matter how many, it matters how loud and how organized.

How powerful the theocrats become is a measure of how healthy the democracy. In a democracy, we deserve what we allow.

I'm hopeful that BushCo has muddied the pond for the fundamentalists so badly that those who would have otherwise tolerated them as 'basically good people' have had enough abortion and gay marriage politics.

Especially given that Christ focused on other issues that really are more significant today than when Bushie brought the crazies to town.

Namely poverty, peace, compassion, etc.


Clemay, methinks you nailed it. Thanks to Huckabee, the lunatic fringe is now in the spotlight. And this could be causing a lot of people, who until now have regarded the fundies as fellow members of the "Christian Tribe", to do some serious rethinking.

At least I hope that's the case.

PG Bowden

I live in Arkansas and I know the "Huckster" lies convincingly everytime he exhales. But damn if he didn't stumble onto a message in Iowa that could have made him a player throughout this election--pricipled but tolerant new testament social conservatism, and economic populism in uncertain times--all wrapped up in an aw shucks, easy-going, disarming attitude.

And so he used this message to whoop all their GOP asses in Iowa and put the fear of God in the elites to boot. So how did he follow that win up?

By hiring Ed Rollins as a consultant. Actually that's not quite true--he hired Rollins just before Iowa, and in a stroke of Huckabian brilliance, refused to run (sort of) a "fine," highly produced negative ad Rollins had produced to trash Romney. So the one thing Rollins offered Huck before Iowa was turned down (kind of) and he won the caucus anyway.

But Huck, never one to learn a good lesson, decided that the best thing he could do post-Iowa was to do everything Rollins told him to do, instincts be damned. And so he has.

And the first thing Rollins told him to do was to change that winning message in Iowa and revert to some good old fashioned, old testament bible thumping and thinly disguised race-baiting. Otherwise, no win in S. Carolina.

DC consultants NEVER trust the voters. What wins in Iowa cannot win in S. Carolina, they argue.

And so let it be written, Rollins has successfully destroyed whatever larger coalition Huck was attempting to build, with his childlike, myopic understanding of S. Carolina politics and ridiculously short-termed national vision. He singlehandedly turned Mike Huckabee "nice guy" into Mike Huckaboo, push-polling crazy bible guy. Of course, that's what Huck really is, you know, it's just that he was hiding it all so well before Rollins came along.

In the end, though, it was Huck's decision to hire Rollins and Huck is inheriting the DC consultant wind. He has little chance to win even the nomination now, but if he is to reclaim even a glimmer of hope he should immediately fire this Rollins guy, re-tool his new testament message (ala Iowa), apologize for his DC consultanr fling and throw himself on the mercy of Florida voters and take the so-called "high road" once again.

But it's probably too late for 'ol Huck now. I say Good riddance. Huck would be a truly dismal and actually quite frightening president were he to obtain the power of the Oval office.

Soon we will rid ourselves of a thocratic dictator. We sure don't need another.


Wow, all this trash talk strongly suggest small minds.

I just had one editorial question. Could you read this paragraph?

"In his immoderate desperation to motivate his one and only base -- economic populism doesn't stir the hearts of many among the GOP faithful -- Mike simply went too far. He shivered the spines of the theocratically wary, and even spooked the holy fence-sitters."

Economic populism. What does that have to do with the "theocratically wary"?

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