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January 29, 2008



"These issues call for vigorous debate, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve answered that call."

Yeah, like just a few hours before this monologue, when you and Cheney tried to once again to flog your minions in the Senate into stopping debate on FISA?

Delusional, lying bastard. Impeach.


Just curious. Was there a flashing red light somewhere saying "applause" or was this pavlov in action??


i cant understand why there cant be one senator that stands up and fillubusts the insanity by simply asking how does this conform to the us constitution, then proceed to read the articles of the constitution over and over, maybe it will begin to sink in to the other conspirators in bush and cheneys crimes against we the people of the united states and the rest of their victims too


It's going to take a long, long time to remove the stain and stench from this Offal Office. Let us resolve today to put no more Bushes in office -- ever again!


I tried to watch the speech. I really did, but my attention just kept wandering and I'm like, "Wow. This is what feels like to be ADD."

I gave up and let my kid put on Cartoon Network.

I mean, after 7 gawdawful years, my brain is trained to equate Bush's voice so intimately with B*llsh*t, that listening to it makes as much sense as watching paint dry.

And what's with the applauding? No one, left or right, mentions his name anymore!

Unless "He's Gone" by the Grateful Dead keeps running through thier heads...

Bobby Decker



Since 2000 when this criminal and his cohorts stole the election, I have not been able to look at or hear him speak. The only time I turned the channel back to see if it was over last evening; who do I see up on her feet and applauding but Nancy Pelosi. That alone made me ill. I quickly turned the channed to the Food Network which was a hell of a lot more interesting to me at this point. At least I learned something useful...Impeach! Impeach!


Le's see.. I gagged first, upon seeing the smirker up close. Then, I eye-rolled in disbelief and utter contempt. Then came the slow simmering anger, erupting further with each ovation accorded to this lying nitwit. Why were any dems applauding? Cause he invoked our troops? Cause this would be his last grand speechifying dealie? Cause our mutant media would have taken them to task for being disrespectful of 'the office'? Don't know and don't freakin care. At least I was playing the drinking game(shooting shots with each blatant lie he hurled), and, by the time those 53 minutes o'crapola wrapped up, I staggered away, seemingly smiling, awash in my 100 proof relief.

senatorial cowards

"i cant understand why there can't be one senator that stands up"

Simple answer. Well known to the Gestapo. The first one to step out of the line gets shot on the spot. It will take a senatorial stampede to to overwhelm the guards. Don't count on the bought/paid senators representing themselves to risk it all just for you.


Forget impeach.
Drag them both, by their cajones, to The Haig for their trials. Then execute.
Very simple.

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