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January 28, 2008



McCain was a fighter pilot. All fighter pilots are crazy. Ergo it is unwise to put fighter pilots in command of anything other than their own aircraft. Weren't Rummy and Dubya sometime fighter pilots too?


Yes, but W was part of the Texas Air National Guard in the 60's, and those guys were seriously crazy.

Their problem with Iraq is that they have forgotten that sometimes you just have to eject.

H.W. Bush was also a fighter pilot and not quite so crazy.


Poppy flew a torpedo bomber in WWII - lost his crew doing so.

old brat

McCain was an airplane driver who managed to get himself shot down and taken prisoner. He's a hero?
How many fighter pilots were shot down in Nam? Also,he ranked very low academically in his class at the USNA.


He ranked 894th out of 899 students in ability at the Naval Academy. While a big improvement over the abilities of our current leader, it's not up to Dwight and George Marshall's standards!


McCain was not (primarily) a fighter pilot. He flew A-4 bombers. However, he was an ace, but a backwards one: he lost 5 aircraft (3 in training, 1 shot up in the Forrestal fire, and 1 shot down over Vietnam. [Pappy Boyington (of Black Sheep fame in WWII) lost even more.]


Great commentary, PM.
I don't know how the hell the American public - much less the professional commentariat class, got this stupid idea that Reagan really meant it when he said "The 11'th Commandment is thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican."
HELLO? REAGAN FOUGHT A BITTER PRIMARY BATTLE vs... INCUMBENT Republican President Gerald R. Ford in 1976! He also fought a bitter primary battle vs George Bush (Sr.) in 1980. Reagan's battle vs Ford in the '76 primary was no doubt in some way partly responsible for Ford losing the close election to Carter... and I have read that, after the bitter '80 primary battle, Reagan and Bush couldn't stand each other, either. Bush Sr. would only serve one term as president, during which rock star Neil Young would write a song with the line, "A kinder, gentler machine gun hand." Amazingly, the otherwise astute Mr. Young would fall for the younger Bush's (George W's) "compassionate conservative" PR (horseshit) in 2000, Neil Young supporting W. in that election. Neil has since reversed his endorsement, performing full-length concerts around the theme "Let's Impeach the President", and has even written a song with that title and chorus.
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Jim C

HW Bush wasn't a fighter pilot , he was a bomber pilot . Calling W a fighter pilot is kind of like refering to someone who goes to the local go cart track as a race car driver . Most military pilots want to see action , Bush went into it to run from the fight , big difference .


If memory serves me, George Dubya washed out as a fighter pilot, he couldn't make the transition from prop jobs to jets. I think this was around the same time he avoided his mandatory service medical to prevent the discovery of his cocaine habit.

Dan Van Riper

Fascinating to read above about McCain's screw-ups as an airplane driver. If McCain gets the Re-pub nomination, then perhaps some wealthy patriot could step forward and finance a Swift Boat operation. You know, like what the Gops did to hapless Kerry in 2004. Only this time, instead of a string of lies, this operation could work around the corporate media to get the Truth About McCain to the American people.

Jim C

Truenorth , Chimpy flew F102s , an obsolete attack jet that I believe carried one large heat seeking missile . It is a single engine jet that was known to ocassionally flame out at inopportune times ( landing and takeoff ) . I have heard flight trainers who have seen records of how bush suddenly stopped flying altogether comment that was a pattern they had seen before . Sometimes when a pilot had a close call in a plane they would lose their nerve and stop flying . The F102 was notorious for such incidents . Bushes flight records show just such a pattern . He was logging lots of hours and suddenly just stopped flying . When he stopped he never got into the cockpit again . It was fun until captian chickenhawk realized it could be dangerous , then he ran away , just like the spoiled coward that he really is .


I'm fascinated, RichP, by these details:

"McCain was not (primarily) a fighter pilot. He flew A-4 bombers. However, he was an ace, but a backwards one: he lost 5 aircraft (3 in training, 1 shot up in the Forrestal fire, and 1 shot down over Vietnam."

Can I get your references, to support my future `discussions' on this issue?

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