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January 15, 2008


ray overfield

If he's elected we can all wear the belt buckles Gott Mitt Uns!

Jay Randal

Mitt was known as the SLASHER as a CEO, so firing employees to get higher profits is all he knows how to do. As a warmonger he expects the poor to die and his 5 sons to spread Mormonism not to fight.


"right then, he saw proof of an almighty god who looks out for rich demagogues."

My favorite line.

PM, I can't speak to Humphrey. But Romney is the biggest snake oil salesman in the race, to my mind. I've written a couple of posts on him, but he's just shameless. He's literally told one audience one thing and another audience the opposite the following week, based on how he thinks it'll play. His portrayal of McCain as 'giving up on the Michigan job market' is a classic hack attack. What really galls me with all such scoundrels is their seeming conviction that just because they claim something, it's actually credible and everyone believes them. It shows a profound contempt for voters.

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