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January 12, 2008



"But those same Americans are also committed to social equity.."

This is true and it's pathetic to see how twisted the moRons for Paul get in trying to circumvent or explain this away. When that Texas paper exposed some of Paul's "wackier" ideas his followers were irate and called it a "personal attack" which took Paul's ideas "out of context." One example of "out of context" was (correctly) reporting that Paul thinks "gummint" should stay out of the workplace and women getting sexually harassed at work are COMPLICIT if they don't simply quit and look for another job.
The vile sexist moRon was furious and berating the reporter because the paper neglected to note that Paul excluded "force" and was refering only to "sexual pressure." I guess these neanderthal buffoons would call "complicit" a single mom in a tight job market (such as this) choosing to house and feed her kids rather than walk away from a sexual predator boss who is "merely pressuring" her.

Gee, and they wonder why they'll never "close the deal."


It's amazing to see Ron Paul standing up to his fellow Republicans in a way virtually no Democrat has been willing to do. If he weren't so off base on so many other issues, he might the salvation of America. Instead, he is mainly a canary in the mineshaft, an indication of how desperately far we are from the leadership we need in this country.

But we could have something at least closer to the leadership we need if the People demanded it, which is their right and responsiblity. We are the ultimate authority. We DON'T have to continue to vote for the least worst. We DON'T have to vote for the most recent winner in the soundbite war.

People keep saying this election is about change. Well, it sure as hell should be, but why do people keep voting for candidates who sure has hell are NOT agents of change?

Junius Brutus

There is another aspect of libertarianism implied in the title reference to "church doctrine": the fact that libertarianism is nonsense on stilts -- a crass form of intuitionism based on naked assertion, an irrational form of rationalism no better than any other set of unfounded religious doctrines.


Well said.Ron Paul says it all with one side of his mouth, than cancels it all out with the other.

I have a difficult time wrapping my head around Republican libertarianism. Their perfect world, seems to me, looks like little neighborhoods protected by angry men with black powder rifles.

The Founder's believed the government should protect us from the Beast inherent in religion, hereditary and, most important today, corporate aristocracy.

Unfortunately, our government has become a corporate aristocracy which has convinced too many that taxing the wealthy is bad for everyone.

Thus does Colonel Sanders get the chickens so willingly onto the dinner plate.


A major flaw in Libertarians "logic" is the belief that somehow contract [money being a subset of that] and title [property beyond what one can defend] exist without a government.


"libertarianism is nonsense on stilts "

Ha! Good one, Junius.


Brilliant observation! Ron Paul, as goofy as some of his ideas are, stands up to the Neocons. He has incredible courage, and that is extremely refreshing in this drift toward Fascism we're in. The Democrats, on the other hand, are practically worthless. Have they been bought off, blackmailed, threatened, or are they just afraid?


I have written many blog posts on the subject over many years. The key point that was missed by all Libertarians, some deliberately, but others not, is that actual power cares not a whit what name you give it. If it is not constrained, it becomes tyrannical.

Powers not in the hands of official Government, do not disappear but got to who ever can exercise them. The rampant corruption of the present administration turning the protection powers of government to corporations is just the expected result.

Corbett Report

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