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January 31, 2008



"... schooled in debate tactics by my two ex-wives." We know what you mean, but unfortunately their form of reasoning is acceptable to the majority of voters. Republican candidates are far better at appealing to illogical thinkers than our Democratic versions, and since we must have them to win, maybe Obama isn't such a bad choice after all?


One might think that Romney was set up for this sucker punch of a debate, and could almost feel sorry for Mitt if he wasn't such a putz!

So - where is the real candidate whose presence is so necessary to the future of this nation? You won't find him/her on the current roster of wannabees!

Bill McWilliams

Two points.

1) People who vote for GOP candidates could care less about debate skills.

2) If Obama wins the nomination and the election, most people who voted for him will be sorry they did so, if they were hoping for progressive change in things that matter.

Bill McWilliams


Are you affiliated with Bloomberg?


Your comments about Ron Paul are mostly right on point. The problem I have with him is that, as seems de riguer for Libertarians, he wants to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Libertarian logic seems to be that if we massively cut military spending, we'll have the money available to gut social programs as well. However, if you'd like to understand the basis for his "mysterious demonologies about the monetary system", check out a video called "America: Freedom to Facism" by the late Aaron Russo. It explains, among other things, the less-than-positive role and questionable origins of the Federal Reserve. Available free online last time I checked.


All reservations about the Reserve
pale before the fact that if we decrease our military, and its objectives, to a rational size, we would have plenty of money for babies, bathwater, bassinets and butter. Whether the economy would get so good we could cut off all welfare is debateable, but it would get better.


Are you affiliated with Bloomberg?
Posted by: Bill McWilliams

Bill McWilliams:

Not by the hair on his penny-thin skin! Mike's tepid approach to this election shows he's only in it to serve his egotism.

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