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January 01, 2008



There may be just a sliver of Justice in this mess we all find ourselves in. If Gomer Huckabee crashes and burns it will reinforce my belief in something (I'm not sure what yet)possibly Karma, as Earl always talks about. Now, if Dick Cheney's heart would explode, then I'd be certain there were forces of goodness at work.


What heart ???

Foxy FiFi

Hello all my fellow Huckabee fans!

Boy have I found a great bunch of fellas to have fun with! My girl friends agree.We have been partying with some very generous Republicins that love Mike Huckabee. We are a group of five cute lady dancers who lap dance and jump out of cakes at Republicin partys for donations. Thats were the moneys at. We are committed to Mike Huckabee for president and donate 40% of all cash to his cause. Since we get paid in cash, we don’t gotta pay no taxes, but we as a group feel that out of patriotic pride and stuff, we hafta donate arond 40% or theres abouts cause thats what the government grabs anyhows, so we’d rather choose where our money goes and so we picked Mike Huckabee so our mothers could be proud of us and stop looking down on us. Jesus H. Christ, ya think they would be glad we got decent jobs.
Theys five of us all put together. Theys Bubbles, who’s a blonde real sexy bombshell (and a real blonde), and theys Ginger Snap, shes the redheaded tart fellas. Theys Fluffy Buffy -she’s the twin sister to Bubbles but has dyed blonde hair and a plastic surgery (you know what I mean!). Then theys Trixie Belvedere. Shes a sultry brunet that pouts alot cause she aint blonde!
And last fellas - TADA! theys me. I’m Foxy FiFi. I’m just an average curvy and an above average stacked girl with long brown hair and a lot of brains, and I got it were it counts and I ain’t shamed ta show it to ya.
Any hows, I’m from Newville,PA. and my church is the one with the snakes. I left town and I confess I stole one of the churchs snakes. My very first show business act was a dance naked with that holy snake until the sucker bit me and I got real sick.
Any hows I’m so glad to be accepted into your Huckabee political group. What a kick it is being political and all that. It’s a blast being one of you normal consirvivtve folks. Thank ya all for xceptin us and may Jesus bless ya ervery one.


The fact that you think Ed Rollins is God works to discredit you. His great political victory was re-electing Reagan in '84 (something I could have done from my couch). Since then he's been crowned a genius and done nothing to warrant it "Perot didn't listen to me" he whined, apparently being the only person on earth who thought Perot would listen to advice. Now Huckabee is tanking since Rollins joined. "He didn't listen to me" will be the refrain
from Ed. Well, who would listen to this dinosaur?

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