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January 26, 2008


Jay Randal

McCain should retire from politics, and return to Arizona, but instead he wants to pass away from old age in the presidency.


Actually, comaparisons with Teddy Roosevelt are fitting for McCain. TR oversaw the slaughter of 1000's of Phillipinos after the end of the Spanish-American War (a war of conquest begun on a pretext- ship sunk by evildoers). McCain wants to continue Bush2's war of aggression and conquest and continue to slaughter 1000's more Iraqis. So McCain, who thinks its perfectly acceptable to stay in Iraq and fight on for 100 or even 10,000 years, is quite right to claim TR as his mascot. TR continued McKinley's slaughter of innocents and so will McCain if given the chance.


I have been reading lately that the ANTI-war constituents are leaning toward McCain - please explain that to me, as I see a bit of a disconnect there....or is it just GOP crap as usual??

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