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January 20, 2008



**". When the Huck can't triumph on the holy fields of the South's most Burned-Over District, it would seem that God has blown the whistle."**
Thanks for that, PM, well said! I also like your "Huck only lost SC by a field goal" analogy.
Big Ed Schultz *"librul" talk radio host) predicted the Huckster would take it all, but that was before Huckabee self-destructed by chasing the BLATANTLY racist vote. As everyone knows, the Rove-Bush model for winning elections is to RULE right-wing neo-segregationist, but TALK "compassionate conservative" and sprinkle your people with some token minorities (like Condi Rice and Colin Powell). The Huckster was just too Arkansas backwoods rube to pick that simple story up, I guess. Even in Repub circles, appealing to _blatantly_ racist votes will get you shot down. So now it's looking like McCain-Romney? (Since the Huckster still don't have the savvy to git-er-done, as his fellow Arkansas pol Bill Clinton once did.)


Here is the propeller.
Here are the democrats.
Here are the democrats walking into the propeller.

What's this gab about change that I keep hearing?


By the time the Democratic primary is over, the Republican party will be seen as the party not troubled by gender and race issues.

And that's a hell of a trick.


Fred Thompson a true conservative? You've got to be kidding. This card carrying CFR member is all in favor of a North American Union. No real conservative would want to give up our national sovereignty.

t quigly

"This card carrying CFR member ..."
ALL candidates - in both parties - are CFR members (and Israeli-firsters and corporate pimps) - EXCEPT for Ron Paul.


Whistling ooot yoru arse isn't going to solve any problems for the repugs. They are toast. The democrats may be the lesser of two evils, but what evil the repugs have demonstrated over the past 20 years. Time to swing left, sweet chariot.


"Whistling ooot yoru arse" has, I'm afraid, served the Republicans well in many elections.
Why the public likes the tune they fart is a mystery to me, since it stinks and doesn't serve their interests.

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