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February 09, 2008



Bush and Cheney are war criminals who should be in prison awaiting execution for war crimes, treason, murder, torture, violations of the U. S. Constitution and violations on International Law.


Ron Paul 2008


Let's put the neocons on the front lines, with the same equipment that is given to the troops. I bet Condi would look lovely in Army green.


It isn't just the Republican Party that glories in war. Ever since this nation defeated fascism in 1945, war has been the raison d'etre for just about everything American, domestic and international. To boost this lifestyle and belief system in the populace, we are raised to revel in death and destruction through games and play, through "patriotic" songs, "entertainment", politics, and through our education.

The history of WWII is edited down to Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and Hiroshima (with a short nod to Showa), which tells the message that "they hit us first, so we hit back much harder." As a result, even the simplest mind can grasp the desired understanding of America's "role" in the world.

That "role" is what the Bush administration is attempting to achieve, and with the help of the Quisling Democrats, they are well on their way to doing so.

Sieg Heil!

Bill McWilliams

Speaking of "an electorate in the wilderness", I'm sorry to have to say that by failing or refusing to
acknowledge the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, it's difficult to take Mr. Carpenter's analysis seriously.

After all, the illegal invasions, wars, dismantling and curtailing of
our rights, the deepening state of our economy and standard of living, all accelerated after the
9/11 false-flag operation.

Johnson used the fake Gulf of Tonkin lie to justify expanding the war in Vietnam and the bush Administration has just recently been caught trying a similar lie
about the Iranians.

Who will tell the people? So far,
not Mr. Carpenter, that's for sure.


I’m not sure what to be more afraid of the terrorism inflicted upon us by al Qaeda or the terrorism inflicted upon us by George Bush and the Republican party. So far though, it looks as though the master chimp and his mindless drones have the upper hand. If anything, going into Iraq created an environment where al Qaeda could flourish. This dim witted man diluted our capabilities by leaving Afghanistan and going into Iraq thus exposing our limitations to our adversaries. Now Afghanistan is heating up in a major way and Pakistan is unraveling as well. All because the idiot in power is a one dimensional man trying to comprehend a multidimensional world and failing miserably. So instead of seeing the world for what it is, he sees it for what he wants it to be, and repackages the turd with tortured linguistic acrobatics.

Big M

Message to "realist:" This country defeated fascism? Check this out:


This country certainly did defeat fascism, Big M! The control no longer resides in Berlin, Rome,or Tokyo. As of September of 1945, it moved to the New York-Washington-Kennebumkport Axis.

By the way - your link doesn't work. Hard to convince someone of your point when that happens.


oh my.which corporate hand puppet shall i support?
in all things american&political one question needs be asked:cui bono?...who benefits?...follow the money,we are the united states of exxon/mobil..


Well said, even if Congress cut funds for the War, Bush would ignore it with a signing statement.

The Oracle

"Said the presumptive one just yesterday: "We all know what will happen to the United States of America if the wrong party wins in November."

Too bad Democrats didn't use this Terror Card against Bush and Cheney in 2000, because I'm certain that a President Gore's administration in early 2001 would have gone after bin Laden and al Qaeda in Afghanistan once it was determined (in January 2001) that these right-wing religious terrorists were behind the U.S.S. Cole attack...and a President Gore would have kept Clinton's excellent counter-terrorism effort in place and thwarted the 9/11 hijackers.

Oh, and another way of describing Bush's highly illegal "signing statements" is to call them what they really are: line-item vetoes. Of course, Congress has never constitutionally or legislatively given any president this authority, but the rogue Republicans in the Bush administration seized on this illegal scam anyway as a way to get around constitutional congressional mandates. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached a long, long time ago.

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