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February 17, 2008


Curly Lambeau

One thing is certain, if Clinton does win Wisconsin, you won't hear Michelle Obama talking about all the white folks that have won primaries there in the past.

Chris Herz

Couldn't care less. To me all these pols are like the Blues and Greens of old Byzantium. The less substantive difference, the more important "character issues".


You can feel the wheels coming off the inevitability train. I wonder what it is that makes certain personalities feel the entitlement to the position. It is certainly apparent with the Clintons, Romney, Ghouliani,et al-that sneer of Cheney included, the overwhelming desire, not to serve, but to rule. Personally, I have had my fill of the Clintons and their DLC brethren.

janice  orr

What do you think about Bloomberg at the eleventh hour? Or maybe even Gore.

What do you think about the economy? Will it be so bad by Fall that all bets are off?

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