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February 11, 2008



Ah, those carefree Bush years, heading into the new millennium with guns a-blazing and credit cards a-waving. YeeHaw!


The interesting this about this observation is that the signs of both parties experiencing the political version of cellular division were clearly evident by 2004. I didn't quite expect that it would have become so blatant so soon, but with the traditionalists in both parties separating so sharply from the visionaries in both parties, and with those who can't belong to either group having nothing to tether to, we might well see another 1860-type situation, as the opportunists like Romney and Bloomberg roam the sidelines looking for an opportunity to jump in.

I only wish such a development were a good thing for our nation, but it is instead yet another symptom of how decayed America has become.


The triaditionalists of both parties are unified by their unwavering worship ot the Three Monkeys, and since denial has become a national pasttime there may be just enough of them to throw the visionaries north of the border in search cheaper prescription drugs.

Like Paxil, Ambien, etc.

Or maybe they can score some of that inexpensive, high quality heroin coming out of Afghanistan.


It's a waste of time for sane people to 'understand' insane people. Just give the diagnosis, prescribe the cure, and don't pay attention to them until the cure takes affect and they come to their senses. In this case the 'cure' is a healthy dose of rationality.

Big Ro

I would go further and say that this insanity will cause a break-up of the Republican Party. More important, they may very well decompose into thir original compnents. The Know-Nothings and the Whigs. The Know-Nothings are those immigrant hating bible thumping fakes. The whigs are the sober eastern elites cocerned with little else than securing their unfair advantage in the marketplace they commonly describe as capitalism. These two factions have been at odds since the Party was formed in 1852. An uneasy marriage. But, as with most marriages, one side or the other is always blissfully certain that the union is strong right up until the moment the papers are served. McCain and Huckabee will open the chasm wide, I hope.

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