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February 14, 2008



How sweet it is!

Al V,

You neglected the dark side of the Republican agenda: power for the sake of power, graft and corruption. There is some doubt still if McCain will pardon Bush/Cheney and gang. No doubt about Obama. If he gets elected that will be his mandate for change. I hope they hang em high.


I'm loving this election. The politics of hope, inspiration and change are replacing the politics of hate, bigotry and fear-mongering.

So long Repugs, you destroyed our country - now go home while we fix it.

True North

Then of course there's McCain's new Congressional support for torture and domestic spying.

Gotta love it!

True North

Then of course there's McCain's new Congressional support for torture and domestic spying.

Gotta love it!

Mike R

And it is also a timely primary tactic to run directly against the repugs at this point, marginalizing Clinton and calling her relevance into further question.

Thomas Dewey

Leave it to the Republicans to trot out a dark horse that is ready for the glue factory.


McCain: "...sound and proven ideas that trust in the strength and courage of free people..."

If it weren't so tragic it would be hilarious! McCain's vote for telecom immunity amply demonstrates his belief in what a free people Americans are! Maybe it's because he got away with the Lincoln Savings debacle (yes, as did four Democrats) that he thinks he knows what free means - free to be taken to the cleaners with no retribution.

I have to hand it to you, PM. You have a new take on the "conservative" reaction to Obama's clear groundswell of support from the American people all across the spectrum. Let's hope that Stolen Thunder portends a washout of the corporatist fascism being imposed on us through the endless repetition of tired platitudes and false fear.

I just wish I felt better about Obama winning. He has yet to regain my trust after his vote to confirm Condi.

scott douglas

Dr. Phil,

You have just about convinced me that the wave is real. I will vote as the Party decides.


Robert Crawford

Talk about soaring platitudes... McCain has bought fully into the empty Bushian rhetoric about a "victory" in Iraq, coupled with a "victory" over terror. What does the expression mean in either case? When will we recognize that it has occurred? In Iraq, precisely whose surrender, on what terms, will constitute "victory"? In the matter of terror, do we expect terror itself to sit down, ala the Germans at Reims or the Japanese on the USS Missouri, and sign articles of unconditional surrender, promising never to be used as a tactic again? That can't happen, folks, until we're all under 24-7 surveillance and fitted with shock collars powerful enough to explode our heads.

Horse puckey. It's McCain and his party who are utterly without specifics to offer. What specifics they actually entertain among themselves, besides vaguely chugging along in the same direction, they wisely keep quiet about--because, like Grover Norquist's "bathtub" analogy, they would drive away informed voters in droves.


Wow. I can't wait to see what the republican smear machine comes up with to demonize Obama.

You know it will. Oh, yes you do.

I also can't wait to see if the American people are still buying that crap. They may actually be fed up with it, but one can never be sure.

People do seem to actually be paying attention at the moment, but it's so hard to not be cynical.

Well, there's no fan more cynical than a Giant fan.

And they won.

I just hope this game doesn't go into overtime. You know what happened the last time.(2000)

Harold P. Donle

I wouldn't vote for a Republican, any Republican, if my life depended on it, but, BIG BUT, if the Democrats foolish select Hillary as their candidate for President, this voter who would have voted for Obama will cast his vote for a third party candidate, and there are many that feel the way I do, be warned Democrats, you risk snatching defeat from the jaws of victory if you nominate Hillary.


Mac is back...from the past
Mac is the past
Mac is back...from the dead
Mac is back...ward


The G.reedy O.ld P.erverts know McCain is going to lose. The campaign war chest is his reward for being the good soldier and falling on his sword for them. It's now or never for 'ole John. He's too old to even run again in 2012. The Rethugs like positioning themselves as the underdog -- the champions of the masses. They will blame Democrats for the mess they have created and will regroup. They are biding their time.


If you don't think the gop have something up their sleeve then your not thinking clearly.

chris bearde

Please..I hate to be a bearer of a
conspiracy type news flash but here goes a likely scenario. The Neo Cons/Corporados understand everything that you're saying about McCain. There is a strong possibility that we will not be having an election at all. Reading between the Bush smirk one can see what Cheney and the rest of these war criminals are up to.
Naked fear, a staged terrorist attack a month or so before the elections and of course martial law, followed 6 months later by a fearful general public quickly voting John McCain into power with General Betray-us as vice President.
The quesion will be how many patriotic Americans will stand up and say "No way Jose!" Judging by the Harry Reid philosophy not enough.
God I hope I'm a nutcase!!!


I hope Obama can wear the liberal tag the way JFK did. All he has to do is remind people that liberals look ahead and care about others.

As for Iraq, I look forward to the day when our soldiers and private contractors leave that country. Then we need to invest in the rebuilding of the country. As Powell said: we broke it so we own it.

The US should feel obligated to provide the funding to rebuild Iraq and restore it to the level of service that was there on 3-18-03. We owe it to the Iraqi people.


chris bearde, you are a nut case!! Unfortunatly, so am I. That has been my biggest fear for the past 3 years. el presidente will conclude that there's no way the country can survive without his wisdom and guidance and declare himself dictator for life. Directive 51 has already made that a possibility. I just hope people grow some nads and take to the street if it happens


No doubt about Obama. If he gets elected that will be his mandate for change. I hope they hang em high

Which he must do, for his own survival. God wot I live to see it!


The US should feel obligated to provide the funding to rebuild Iraq and restore it to the level of service that was there on 3-18-03. We owe it to the Iraqi people.

That is, sadly, impossible. Iraq has been destroyed.


I'm another independent who will vote for Obama, but if the Dem insiders maneuver Hillary ahead of him, then it's vote for Nader time. Even if it means we get McCain.


chris bearde,
You are not a nutcase. The corpofascists will not give up with out a hell of a fight. You can't expect to vote them away. This is one liberal who will not be giving up on deer rifles any time soon.

Myron Scott

Impeach Ralph Nader. Think (if the commentator can - he knows who he is) what 4 years of McCain Supreme Court appointments could do to everything from Roe v. Wade to what's left of our privacy rights. As retrogressive as the junior Senator from New York is, she's nothing compared to the (very) senior Senator from Arizona. Every progressive needs to be a realistic progressive and remember that if Clinton is nominated.

Unfortunately, she probably can't beat McCain; but Obama is well on his way to doing so. Fortunately, most super delegates are hardnosed political realists, and at least several of them appear to have begun to recognize realities like the following. In all recent polls, Obama out-draws McCain among independents, without whom McCain can't win. In contrast, Clinton will drive some independents to McCain, as well as driving most far right Republicans to vote in November, holding their noses, for McCain. With Obama as the Democratic nominee, that latter demographic might not turn out to vote at all.

And now Obama has hit on the perfect strategy for attacking McCain's greatest weakness, his fiercer-than-Cheney warmongering. Obama's strategy isn't just singing Kumbaya, which won't work (although he can do that, too, much more credibly than can Clinton). As P.M. points out, Obama is now linking Irag to the weakened U.S. economy. People will vote their pocketbooks at least as often as they vote their hates and fears. And the sweetest thing about this effective strategy is that it consists of simply telling the truth.

Seems Obama has seized the controls of the Straight Talk Express and just could ride it to the White House. Yes, I think he can.


My 74-year old lifetime registered Republican mom called yesterday and told me she plans to vote for Obama. "I don't like that John McCain," she said, "He's too old and he looks mean." (This from someone who voted for Nixon and Reagan twice each, so go figure........) Anyway my point is that Obama is looking good if he's attracting old conservative white women. Or maybe it doesn't mean anything--we're in California after all.


I hope what you are saying rings true. I fear you are way too optimistic.

>> they merely hankered after another actor who could puff the party line with some real pizazz... You're saddled with John, whose flat-lining monologues are sure to lull millions into a sound, eight-month slumber."<<

And what about GW Bush? Possibly the most inarticulate, mumbling, snorting, twitching, panting, and obviously dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers human ever to be televised, elected TWICE! This isn't just going to be about McCain's charisma. The power of the media, big corp, big religion, and big dumb assholes will be behind him all the way. I hope you are correct in assuming that Obama can win just because he is smarter, more photogenic, and is actually a superior candidate. Unfortunately, history is not on your side here.

It makes me very sad to write such a post.


McCain looks desperate in voting against outlawing torture.

Fearful Hope

I hope and I fear. I see the thousands of people surrounging Obama and I think frightening thoughts. I know also that the corruption in this Republican administration--I think Cheney--are capable of hatching a situation that would destroy our wonderful presidential candidate.


"No, no" McCain will cry, "the War On Iraq is not dragging down the US economy, we borrowed the money, and your kids have to pay it back, with interest, too! So it can't be dragging the economy down now!"

That'll show that Obama feller!

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