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February 18, 2008



McCain should wait until the last minute, while developing some kind of strategy against Obama.

After all, if Billary gets the nod, then all John has to do is sit back and watch the fireworks as the right, and a lot of moderates and indies, flock around his flag.

If Obama gets the nod, he'll need a lot more than just George's fund raising. He'll need more wisdom than the Republicans are capable of. Odds are, he'll take a metaphorical self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

People soft shoe around this one: John McCain has PTSD disguised as a 'bad temper.' If Obama wins the nomination, he'll be as unstoppable (for good or ill) as a rising tide. John's head may very well explode in exasperation.


For the Democrats, it is not McCain that they are running against, its Bush-McCain. They need to associate McCain with Bush every time they mention McCain. Saw the begining of this on 60 minutes this weekend, one if the senators interviewed saying "Bush-McCain" repeatedly.

John Kochis

I totally agree Richard. We need to emphasize the Bush /McCain linkage as much as possible. Keep it in the forefront of people's minds. I think though on the other side of the equation if it's Hilary a linkage to Bill (Billary) has been established as well and to some folks this is equally repellent (though I would not count myself among them).


re: Mark McKinnon - I am very surprised that McCain has not said that Mark needs to spend more time with his family. Expressing a lack of desire to go up against any and all of the pending opponents is usually a self-inflicted kiss of death for a political advisor!

Note to our Republican friends: this lack of advisor termination on McCain's part is not a sign of a decisive leader, but one of a deluded wannabee. Besides, shouldn't McCain know where his advisors stand BEFORE he hires them? What does this say about his judgement and his managerial abilities? Are you willing to surrender control of your nation to yet another out-of-touch egotist?

Will B

As for who wins in the Obama vs. McCain race, anyone who underestimates their advesary hasn't fought it will not be a cake walk for Barack.

That said, in 2008 I think the economy will trump terrorism, unless, well you know. The promise of 100+ years of war will be a lead weight around McCain's political neck. Funny, I was reading my little neighborhood paper this weekend and their was an editorial by a politically well-connected writer. He was recalling a conversation he had years ago with a former US Senator, Slade Gordon (R, WA) who told the writer that "McCain is Insane". Got me thinking because Slade was a standard-bearing conservative of the 'olde guard' - that's kind of scary, really.

A good predictor of late 2008 vs. early 2008 is how many people came out to see them speak. In Seattle 10 days ago, 500 attended a McCain appearance and 25,000 appeared for an Obama appearance - 1.5 orders of magnitude means something.


because it is the independent-magnet of Obama that he'll be running against

God, I hope so, if he has the votes. And with Hilary's whole hearted support, too. Or we can give up on the Democrats.


Oh, giving up on the Democrats is easy. I'm going back to independent as soon as may be.

As soon as may be.

I remember

When Mckinnon worked for the Bush campaign in 2000, someone from his office mailed Al Gore's office a videotape of Bush practicing for the debate.


The Democrats are too stupid to use the Bush/McCain association to their advantage. Kerry/Edwards should have run against Cheney-the most despised man in America, but not one word from them. Are they afraid to take on this piece of excrement? Our local Congressmen is being challenged again by a Dick Cheney wannabe, and will he hang Cheney around his neck like a rotting, stinking chicken? No! Not a chance in Hell. What is wrong with these worthless, spineless, clueless Democrats? I had thought Howard was a fighter, but no more.


I think the Dems could win the popular vote with Happy the Clown as the nominee as long as they keep showing that picture of the love-hug of the McBush twins over & over & over until the election. It is priceless!!! The only way we'll lose is by fraud in the electronic voting machines.


Any predicitons regarding the outcome of the presidential election should be followed by: "if we get a fair election."
We've just been through eight years of hell brought about by rigged elections.

Big Time Patriot

Why on earth would any "moderates and indies" pick McCain over Clinton (if Hillary happens to win?).

Continuing the war in Iraq and perhaps starting a war in Iran is not exactly "moderate" and so stupid that anyone who has the brains to think of themselves as "independent" must reject it. McCain is four more years of Bush, no one beyond the cool aid drinkers is going to be voting Republican this next election, no matter if its McCain or any other Republican. I myself believe the Hillary haters are the same 30% who still support Bush. They aren't going to be winning any elections this time around.

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