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February 26, 2008



I don't care about Obama's comments concerning the dimension of Reagan's influence on the American scene. Any student of history can easily discover the veracity of that statement - even if they didn't live through it.

My problems with Obama and his voting record is that when putsch came to shove, his vote went along with Bush's desired outcome. Sure he has had some very liberal and prgressive ideas, but talk is cheap. It's the walk that counts.


Hillary caved into the bullies on immigration (specifically, drivers licenses). As a white, native born Anmerican, this is my #1 issue. My adopted family is from Mexico, and we need the reforms that have been talked about. Obama has held firm. Hillary did not.

chris bearde

Then there was there an overlooked US President who was an apsolute master of making things work in government through relentess cojoling and conning of both parties. His name was Lyndon Johnson.


PM, you're becoming my favorite blogger. Not just good ideas, but you can write. Framing the issues to include Republicans is sound and smart. The degree of awakening among members of both parties is variable (some D's still support Hillary), but the big awakening is yet to come--namely, that degrees of difference between left and right are not as important as the difference between top and bottom, and that the divine (I'm an atheist) dwells in all of us. Everybody embodies the potential to transcend the reptilian, dominance-driven parts of their nature and open themselves to respect and compassion for all. To remain on top, the corporatists need unending war--between peoples, religions, the two parties here in America. Divide and rule is the oldest political game. But now time is running out, and education takes a lifetime. As the Beatles sang--risking ridicule--"all you need is love."


On target, as usual. Too bad that Edwards rhetoric wasn't as good as Barack's is. Either way, we will need to hold any so called "progressive" candidates feet to the fire or they will backslide into the corporate comfort zone. The history of the world has always been the epic struggle between the have nots and the Predator class.


1 of the 1st things that needs to be done is strong-arming the weapons-makers into peacetime uses for their technology; it will be very difficult to do this, since they are very wolf-like. I have some ideas, load daisy-cutter bombs with fire-retardant foam/gel & ship them to every state with large forests. Remake the railroads to compete with airlines, take railcars from railroad museums if you have to for the short term. Pull all sewege lines away from our rivers/lakes/streams & upgrade the power plants to burn that sh#t. Mass produce electric cars for the southern U.S.


"given enough cultivation, it could change the face of partisan alignments for a generation to come and ensure the dominance of progressive politics."

I'd love to believe that, but there's a SOLID REASON why "progressive politics" has been crushed for a generation, and it has little to do with branding failures.

The U.S. economy has become fundamentally a permanent WAR economy and Republicans do better at stirring up the fear and hysteria needed to support an immense and ever expanding military budget. They also support corporate profit taking at the expense of workers and the environment.

Thus, Wall Street prefers Republicans. And, given the media consolidation the only voices heard on the mass-media are voices from the right.

There is NO papering over these cracks. If Obama comes in and tries to deal with any of the fundamental problems facing the country: massive deficits due to military spending and tax cuts for the rich for example, how long do you think his "Obamican" supporters will stay with him?

And how long will it be before the media starts howling that he's "just another liberal defeat-o-crat" if he tries to actually bring all the troops home.

The reality is that unless there is a firm commitment to total war against the Republican party and their corporate allies there will be no progress. That's unfortunate, but they won't permit anything else.

It will take a LOT of dynamite to blow up the present rotten structure of American politics. Playing "nice" with the Republicans won't work. I doubt if it will even carry him to the election. He'll have to change tactics under withering assault from the right.


As the Beatles sang--risking ridicule--"all you need is love."

Posted by: Zephyrbag

They also wrote "Your lovin' gives me a thrill, but your lovin' don't pay my bills; just give me money".

Oh, and "Happiness is a Warm Gun. Yes it is"

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