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March 01, 2008



No, not only does the corporate-media not have the will to do it's job and point out Bush's contradictions regarding Cuba and China political prisoner's but they would never ask a follow up question which begs asking. I would love to see a real reporter ask: Mr. Bush, speaking of political prisoners......Would you care to comment on 60 Minute's report regarding the alleged frame-up job and imprisonment of a political rival, Democratic Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman by your administration, specifically Karl Rove? Or the alleged attempt to censor the story by Alabama's CBS affiliate, WHNT, owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners, which is run by the Bass brothers, who have been major funders of your campaigns? In a real world, with a real free-press, these questions would be asked but not in America Inc. by the CCPT (corporate-controlled-puppet-theater) that passes for news coverage in this country.

Another good analysis P.M.

I hope Obama does this. I would like to see a tv ad by Obama showing the famous (or infamous) hug between the twins with Elvis playing "Stuck On You" in the background.

Kit Burns

You'll be on Buzzflash? Congratulations!
I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the great work!!!! Hopefully you'll still be here too.


Obama needs to win this nomination first. As bad as McCain is (and man, he's bad) Hillary's foreign policy ain't so very different. Independents hate her and we're looking at President McCain.

I don't expect Hillary would scorch the earth under McCain as she has tried with Obama. He's been attacked on all sides this week.

I have complete confidence in Obama's ability to hit back hard, honestly and quickly against McCain.

Now, let's get him the nomination. It's up to you, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. We need to get on with the most important election in our lifetime.

chris bearde

Through 8 years of Clinton and years and years of Bush we've bought most of our goods from the Communists and most of our oil from the Arabs. What is wrong with this picture?


When HAS the media pointed out Bush's inconsistencies and outright bullshit over the past seven years? They haven't! That's why so many of the public still thinks Iraq had something to do with 9/11. The press never debunked Bush's lies, they simply let them go printed and telecast without a whim of dissent.


It will be interesting to see if Obama has any surrogates lined up to attack these clueless bastards or if he will try to just outlast them with niceness. John Kerry had no one to carry his water, so to speak, yet the repugs had dozens of underlings (and Zell Miller) doing their hatchet jobs regularly against him.
It is great to see good writing rewarded with wider exposure. Good work, PM!!!

Sidney Fishbein

Where does John Sidney McCain III, get off making fun of people's middle names?

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