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August 23, 2010


Tennessee Catfish

The president is doing just what any politician is doing. he is taking care of Number One first. He is also using the bully pulpit to champion the legislation, while making himself available for fundraising.

If his fool Democrats representatives and senators can't get himself reelected, then the hell with them. He has two years to get himself reelected and two years to veto any legislation dismantling his agenda.

Obama seems to be perfectly positioned for relection. We will be coming out of the recession in two years. For all of his supposed faults, Obama looks like the only smart and sane adult in D.C. Who do the Republicans have who can beat him?

Marc McKenzie

@Tennessee Catfish: Well said.

It's amazing to me that somehow, being rational and smart is somehow a _bad_ thing. Then again, that was the same cudgel used on Al Gore back in 1999-2000 (with the backstab from Nader). Perhaps the eight years of Bush have been more damaging than we previously thought--if the mainstream media is now moaning and groaning about the evils of rationality and being cool and thoughtful, then things have really turned upside down.

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