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September 10, 2010



Mbe he should make the analogy that 15 years ago Republicans brought government to a standill. Now they are bringing America to a standstill.


It is still hard to believe that the American people cannot see through this. Why are the RePubs to be rewarded for all the obstructionism? Are the people of this country just so damn mad about the weak economy that they will cut their own throats and re-install a GOP congress because the economy is not recovering fast enough? Why can't they see that much of what Obama has tried to do to help us has been hijacked by the Right and just used as talking points? I am so discouraged with the voters in this country.

Marc McKenzie

@gryzelda: It's not just that--it's also that many liberals also failed to see what Obama has done to help get the country out of the hole it was thrown into. Instead of giving the man praise, they've given scorn and threatened to stay home. Which will only put the Repubs back in charge.

Perhaps it's just that voters, sadly, have short memories. The eight years of Clinton that gave the country much were forgotten in 2000. Now, it seems that the eight disastrous years of Bush have been swept down the memory hole, and it's all Obama's fault. Meanwhile, the Republicans boogie on, with no shame.

It's enough to make a grown man weep.

Barbara H.

I wish people would recognize what Obama has managed to accomplish even though he’s had to swim upstream the entire way. I mean, perhaps we are not climbing out of the hole we were in, but at least we've stopped digging!

I wish the voters who supported Obama should show some tenacity. And, I wish the Republicans should step back from the edge of that crazy precipice. My mother is a Republican, but even she feels that they are losing their ever-loving minds.

Disagreeing on policy is one thing. In fact, that's what they are supposed to do. But, I think they are only trying to bring down the current administration simply to win elections and the American people are caught in their calamitous wake. It is the most selfish, evil thing I've ever seen.

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