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September 29, 2010


Marc McKenzie

As much as I respect Greenwald's passion for wanting to clear up the civil liberties morass left behind by the Bush administration, he's unfortunately developed tunnel vision. He cannot see anything else, and, as you pointed out, PM, he has not "gone into the trenches and sucked up them bullets".

"OK, one more. Does Mr. Greenwald believe that America should pay for whatever he perceives as Mr. Obama's sins with a malignant GOP majority?"

That's a question I'd like to ask all of those who plan to sit this one out because the President didn't wave the magic wand or use pixie dust to fix everything in two seconds or less.

I honestly think that Greenwald and others like him simply do not understand the true nature of politics in DC due to 30+ years of Republican shenanigans. They view things in a dangerously simplistic light, which can only lead to more trouble.

Fine work, as always, PM.

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