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September 24, 2010



Tired and disgusted by the Democrats' circular firing squad. Just as disgusted by the spitballing by progressives who spend lot of time at their key boards, but can't seem to produce any leaders. Why is no one getting in front of this parade? Courage anyone, conviction anyone? No... "I said something good today on the floor of the Senate... send me money" One remark... one day... then back to the business of trading away our future for their own perpetual incumbency. If we are 360 degrees removed from the Tea Baggers, pretty soon the disgusted left will back into the rest of the great unwashed and then KABOOM!

Marc McKenzie

Another good bit from PM. Sadly, no matter how good--and how sensible--Clinton's advice is, it will always face the double barrel blast of 1) Democratic squabbling and 2) Progressives who find it far easier to tar and feather both Clinton and Obama (and yet somehow forget that it was GW Bush that got us into this whole mess, and that cleaning up said mess will take a long time...and that no President can snap his fingers and go away).

I'm getting tired of the circular firing squad behavior myself, but I'm comforted by the fact that the Republicans are getting thoroughly reamed by the Tea Party Frankenstein monster that they created.

This election is a time to get off our asses and leave the bloody keyboards alone and go out there and vote! The incredibly short sighted nature of some progressives really blows me away. How much longer will they cling to the "They're all the same" doggerel before realizing that it has done nothing except put Repubs in charge to make more mischief for the country?

Tennessee Catfish

I continue to hold to my belief that Obama has long since washed his hands of the congressional Dems, at least until the next presidential campaign. He got as much legislation passed as possible. Now he turns to the powers of vetoes, writing regulatiions and issuing executive orders, while the Blue Dogs and republicans do nothing for two years.

At the risk of making a president seem human, Obama must be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted after his campaign and first two years in office. it is time for him to group before the next campaign. Two years from now, unemployment will have dropped substantially, and the budget will be significantly closer to being balanced. Both wars will be effectively over.

So, the next big fight will be balancing the budget. We must remember that the Republicans have sought to drive the federal government into receivership as a means of killing the New Deal. i suspect we are clsoing in on the final showdown of Reaganomics.

I have no idea of the outcome.

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